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If you are like most homeowners, remodeling a bathroom is not a task you take on more than once or twice during the years you live in your home. Since you may be inexperienced with issues like plumbing and interior design, you probably have lots of questions. Get the results that you have dreamed by finding the information you need to make your new bathroom a knockout.

One of the first questions you may have is how long your bathroom will be out of commission. Even if you have multiple baths in your home, losing the use of one bathroom's facilities means making arrangements and doing without until the project is complete. Depending on the size and complexity of the remodel, you can expect the room to be out of service for between one and four weeks. When you speak to your Cherry Hill bathroom remodeling contractor, get a firm estimate of the time frame for the entire project.

When you and your spouse are sketching plans for your remodel, you may wonder how much space to allow for various fixtures. If you are replacing a single sink vanity with double sinks, you should allow a minimum of five feet to accommodate the sinks and the two people who will be using them. The distance between the centers of the sinks should measure at least 30 inches, and they should be positioned with at least 4 inches between them.

You can size a custom shower as large as you choose, but it should be no smaller than three feet square. When sketching a plan, keep in mind that the shower should be easily accessible and you should be able to turn the shower faucet on from outside the enclosure.

A bathroom remodeling professional from Filan & Conner of Cherry Hill NJ would be happy to answer any question you have about whirlpool tubs or ceramic tile.

Plan to place your toilet no closer that 18 inches from its centerline to a wall, another fixture such as a sink or an obstacle like a door. If you like the concept of a separate toilet compartment, allow at least 36 by 66 inches of space inside with a sliding or out-swinging door.

Don't forget to figure traffic patterns into your room design. Building codes specify minimum clearances in front of fixtures so that you can move freely about the room. Plan for clear space of 21 inches or more in front of your sinks, bathtub and toilet. Allow a minimum of 24 inches clear space in front of your shower door as well.

You may have questions about the appropriate tile and flooring for a contemporary bathroom. Standard ceramic tile is available in many colors and profiles. Contemporary designers are also using natural stone, glass, cement and even metal tiles to achieve stunning effects.

If you have seniors or special needs individuals in the household, integrate safety features to accommodate them in your bathroom remodel. Grab bars in the shower and near the toilet, wider clearances for wheelchair access and a step-in tub are among the ways you can make your new bathroom safer.

Work closely with your remodeling experts. They can answer more of your concerns as your plans progress. The more information available to you as you remodel your bathroom, the more control you can have over the process and the happier you will be with the results.

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