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If you are contemplating a bathroom remodel, you probably have a whole list of questions regarding the decisions you will have to make. Layout, fixtures, decorating and cost effectiveness are topics that frequently come up during the planning stages. Get better informed so that you can make the best design and functionality decisions and wisely invest your remodeling dollars.

What are some alternatives to the traditional, glass-door shower? If you would like to give your shower area a completely new appearance, consider some of the contemporary updates that are currently popular. A walk-in shower features offset doorways that eliminate the need for shower doors while keeping shower spray where is belongs. If you like more of a barrier but want to avoid traditional shower doors, talk to your Cherry Hill bathroom remodeling designer about installing a glass wall that extends beyond the shower head to keep spray from spreading outside the cubicle. This gives smaller shower spaces a more spacious appearance while effectively containing moisture.

What are some other ways to create expansiveness in a limited space? Designers use several strategies for making a bathroom, typically one of the smallest rooms in a home, look larger. One way to get a roomier feel is to refinish existing walls and cabinetry in lighter hues. Another strategy is eliminating a bulky sink vanity in favor of a sleek-looking pedestal sink. Having your standard toilet replaced with a new, compact model will save space and water as well.

A bathroom remodeling professional from Filan & Conner of Cherry Hill NJ would be happy to answer any question you have about plumbing fixture installation or ceramic tile.

A skylight can visually transform a dark, small bathroom by flooding the space with light to expand its atmosphere. Adding more lighting makes a spacious improvement too.

Some new fixtures use less water than others, and you can actually recoup part of your remodeling cost by installing Water Sense certified fixtures. Water Sense is a federal program similar to Energy Star that focuses on water savings rather than energy efficiency. Fixtures with the Water Sense seal use at least 20 percent less water than their standard counterparts. Additionally, they function as well or better than non-certified fixtures.

Is it possible to completely rearrange the fixtures in my bathroom? Most homeowners are hesitant to move plumbed-in fixtures such as toilets and showers during a remodel, believing the cost of such drastic renovations to be prohibitive. However, a badly laid-out bathroom will benefit little from new tile or faucets. During a remodel, it is important to address the root problems of the layout to get the results you are looking for. Ask for a quote to find out whether the cost is actually as prohibitive as you may think.

As an alternative to replacing it entirely, consider having your bathtub refinished. If you are happy with your existing tub and it is in good repair, professional refinishing will give it a refreshing facelift that will last for years to come.

When you first sit down to plan a bathroom remodel, make a wish list of all the items you would want in the bathroom of your dreams. Then, set to work on a budget to see how many of those wishes your remodeling team can make come true.

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