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Traditionally, bathtubs have been necessary bathroom fixtures for their utility, but in the contemporary home, the tub has become a stylistic element, the centerpiece of a well-planned bathroom. Choosing the right tub for your remodeling project may be a challenge if you have limited space, and you may be tempted to make do with just a shower. However, with the number of shapes and styles available, you stand a good chance of finding the tub that will make your new bathroom into a haven of relaxation and comfort. Ask your Cherry Hill bathroom remodeling experts for ideas and brochures.

Bathtubs can be freestanding, built in or sunken, and they come in many materials. Old-fashioned cast iron, acrylic, fiberglass and porcelain on steel are among the most popular tub materials. Designer solid-surface tubs and models made from natural stone or specialty woods are also available.

Fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) tubs are among the less expensive. The material is adaptable to various shapes and consists of several layers of fiberglass coated with a resilient resin. They are relatively lightweight, so they are easy to install. Due to their lightweight nature, however, they are not as strong as tubs made from other materials, so they may not be appropriate as freestanding models. Also, fiberglass tends to scratch or fade over time.

Porcelain on steel tubs start as pieces of sheet metal. The manufacturer forms the steel into the desired shape and then overlays a coating of porcelain. This type of bathtub is also relatively inexpensive, and the finish is more durable than that of fiberglass tubs but will chip if mistreated. Coated steel units are heavier and stronger than fiberglass.

A bathroom remodeling professional from Filan & Conner of Cherry Hill NJ would be happy to answer any question you have about whirlpool tubs or shower enclosures.

Acrylic bathtubs feature formed sheets of acrylic with fiberglass reinforcement. They are available in many profiles and colors and are relatively lightweight. More expensive than fiberglass tubs, they are more durable as well.

Solid-surface tubs, often freestanding units, have sleek, contemporary lines. They are composed of resins, powdered materials and pigments formed into a variety of bathtub profiles. Their surfaces are non-porous and durable. A cultured marble bathtub is an example of a solid-surface unit. It has the appearance of marble, but it also has a lower cost. Made from resin and crushed limestone, this type of tub has a durable, Gelcoat finish. Like other solid-surface tubs, it is heavier than fiberglass or acrylic units.

Custom tubs are available in natural stone or wood. Some of the selections in stone tubs include travertine, onyx, granite, marble and basalt. These are heavy tubs that require extra structural support. Teak or cedar tubs are beautiful and lend an upscale appeal to your bathroom. These types of custom bathtubs require advance ordering and their cost is higher than mass-produced units, and they are also more time-consuming to maintain.

For a unique custom look, you can have a tub built into your bathroom in any shape or size you need. Consider a sunken bathtub tiled with swimming pool tiles to create a spa atmosphere, or a tub lined with river rock for an outdoorsy effect. Because they are one-of-a-kind artisan pieces, expect to pay more to achieve a truly unique remodel. On the other hand, however, such an installation may raise the value of your home.

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