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Cherry Hill Bathroom Remodeling: Article About Installing Faucets

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The proper installation of plumbing fixtures is important because it effects how well the fixtures work, determines how long they'll last, and can ultimately save (or cost) you money. A number of homeowners pay extra money each year on their energy and water bills because they have leaky faucets. While the extra money going out may not seem like much, if you add it up over the life of your home, you can end up spending thousands just because your faucets leak. But how can you tell if your faucets are installed properly? Maybe you purchased your home and just assumed everything was installed correctly. There are a few things to watch for to determine if your bathroom and kitchen faucets are installed properly.

Cherry Hill bathroom remodeling experts will tell you that everyone's familiar with the dripping leak that comes out of the faucet head. But some faucets leak at the base. This type of leakage can be harder to discover because many just assume that water splashed up and around the base while using the sink. If you consistently notice that your kitchen or bathroom faucets have water around the base, you can do a simple test to determine if the base is leaking. Begin by turning on the faucet very slowly. Look for water to run out from the base. If you don't see any, gradually increase water flow. If there is still no water, turn the faucet off and very quickly turn it back on.

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If you have a faucet base leak, you should see pooling of water start after a few seconds.

You also need to watch for leakage on the faucet handle. This is a sign of wear or corrosion around the handle. Both kitchen and bathroom faucets can leak due to poorly functioning handles. If the leak comes from the handle, you should notice water dripping down and pooling around the base. You may even notice a build up of sediment or debris on the handle at the origination of the leak. While it's possible to fix this problem, you may just want to replace the faucet, especially with many new faucets offering lifetime guarantees.

Another common leak that occurs due to an improper installation is a consistent drip from the faucet head. Often, this type of leak occurs due to a worn washer or o-ring, which can be easily replaced. However, sometimes improper installation causes parts of your faucet to wear out quickly. If you notice that you're consistently replacing parts of your faucet and still dealing with leaks, have a plumber diagnose the installation of your faucets. A plumber understands all the different elements of faucets, including washers, an aerator, and other elements.

When you have leaky faucets, it's important to fix them as quickly as possible. Not only is it an inconvenience to have extra water running everywhere when you turn on the faucet, but it raises your overall water bills. You're also wasting energy when using hot water, because it is leaking out of the faucet instead of into the sink. The good thing about improperly installed faucets is that they're easy to fix, provided a skilled plumber is on the job.

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