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Cherry Hill Bathroom Remodeling: Article About Popular Faucet Features

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Choosing new fixtures for your bathroom remodeling project is a challenge. Finding the faucets to fit a theme or decorating scheme is one task, but you should also consider whether your choices will stand the test of time. Selecting the finishes, shapes and mechanical features that will be desirable to future buyers is a wise strategy. Find out about the latest trends in contemporary bathroom fixtures and which ones are most likely to develop into future standards, and be sure to ask your Cherry Hill bathroom remodeling contractor for expert guidance.

Faucet finishes come in and out of fashion. Your best strategy is selecting a durable finish that will keep your faucets looking new for years to come. Those with physical vapor deposition, or PVD, finishes look flawless far longer than their chrome counterparts. PVD is a cutting-edge molecular binding process that seals the finish to your faucet. Fixtures with PVD finishes are guaranteed not to discolor, tarnish or corrode for life. They come in all of the colors that you would expect to find in contemporary baths, from polished nickel to bronze.

When you look at faucets and showerheads from different eras, it becomes clear that what looks avant-garde today is passe tomorrow. Classic fixtures with enduring style typically have clean lines and graceful arcs. If a faucet looks oddly shaped or unique, chances are good it will look outdated later on.

A bathroom remodeling professional from Filan & Conner of Cherry Hill NJ would be happy to answer any question you have about plumbing fixture installation or whirlpool tubs.

Just like white toilets and tubs will always retain their classic style, an elegant yet simply wrought faucet with a coordinating handle or two will outlast trendier options.

Choosing basic or classic styling does not mean sacrificing updated features that make your bathroom remodel a true upgrade, however. Many sensor-activated faucets are available that can make life easier for a special needs family member. If the benefits of a touchless faucet outweigh the cost, that is reason enough to embrace the technology.

Bathroom faucets are also available with pullout sprayers. These are handy for washing your hair over the sink and watering nearby plants. A shower or tub-mounted sprayer is a great feature for a multitude of uses, from washing the family dog to rinsing off soapsuds. For maximum utility, choose a sprayer with different settings that provide a full range of utility.

Water Sense certified faucets conserve on water usage. Faucets with the federal Water Sense program seal use 30 percent less water than standard units. They make up for lower water volume by using aerators that separate the water into individual jets laced with air, delivering the pressure you are accustomed to while conserving water. Your family can save hundreds of gallons of water annually by switching your old faucets to Water Sense certified fixtures. This is an emergent trend that is likely to become standard for new bathrooms within a few years.

By choosing your faucets carefully, you can make your remodel last longer. Classic looks and sensible features are never really out of style, and with the right faucets, your bathroom will have the basics to stay on task and on trend.

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