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When your contractor hands you a list of names and phone numbers for past clients, you may dread the task of follow-up. You don't know the people, and you don't know what to ask them. Checking a remodeler's references, however, is far easier than trying to recoup your losses from an unsatisfactory project. In most cases, a contractor's past customers welcome the chance to voice their opinions.

First, address the main reason for your check-up call. Ask the reference whether they would hire the same Cherry Hill bathroom remodeling firm again. If they say no, try to find out why. It could be a purely financial decision that does not reflect on the remodeling firm, but in many cases, a dissatisfied client will have a list of grievances. If they seem to be fair complaints, make a note of them, and find out what other references have to say.

Ask the references you contact whether their remodeling projects turned out as they expected. Was the work crew able to fulfill the homeowner's vision? If not, ask where they fell short. This is good to know as a point of comparison should your own plans be similar in certain respects.

Get some specific feedback regarding job performance. Ask each reference whether the contractor completed the work on schedule and whether the final cost was in keeping with the original bid.

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In the case of an overage, find out what factors led to additional costs so that you can work to avoid them on your own project.

Try to get an idea of a typical workday with the remodeling crew on the job. Ask the former client whether the workers were on time in the morning and how late they typically stayed each day. Ask for details, including whether they left their work area tidy and if they were respectful of the family while in the home.

Find out whether the contractor kept the clients updated on the progress of the work and any delays or difficulties with the project. One of the most frustrating experiences for a homeowner in the middle of a bathroom renovation is lack of communication with the contractor. Ideally, you should be able to get your questions answered and your concerns addressed as they arise. If the references you speak with indicate a problem with communication, take that into account when selecting your remodeling firm.

Be sure to keep your conversation with each person on the reference list strictly confidential. In all fairness to the contractor, don't repeat the complaints of one client to the others. Negative feedback spreads quickly, and the words of one disgruntled customer can quickly damage a contractor's reputation.

The reference list that the bathroom remodeling contractor provides is a valuable tool that helps you make a good decision about who to hire. By systematically contacting each person listed and asking pertinent questions, you can use this tool to its full advantage. Taking the time to learn about the contractor's past performance can prevent unforeseen problems with your own bathroom remodel.

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