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If you have more than one bathroom, each may be dedicated to certain family members. Maybe you have a children's or teenager's bathroom, a master bath for you and your spouse and a main bathroom for general use. When you decide the time has come to remodel one of your home's bathrooms, consider basing the renovations around one integrated theme. Look through magazines and online decorating sites to get some great ideas to build upon. Ask your Cherry Hill bathroom remodeling team for suggestions and advice.

The beach-themed bathroom is one of the most popular with contemporary designers, possibly due to the aquatic theme and timeless styling. Crisp white tiles, blue walls and ship-style pendant sconces are universal decor choices. Basic white fixtures add to the crisp, clean lines of the seashore theme and also leave your options open for a future redecorating scheme. You can tweak this bathroom look to create a pirate theme for a children's bathroom or a relaxing spa theme for your master bath.

A botanical bathroom also offers a range of possibilities for a themed remodel. Graphic wallpaper adorned with leaf motifs, natural bamboo window blinds and grass mat area rugs make your indoor space resemble a temperate rain forest. Wicker storage bins and hampers add utility while coordinating with the natural look. Your choice of natural stone or copper countertop sink vessels and natural or beige tile and toilet add to the overall organic effect while keeping your options open for a future makeover.

A bathroom remodeling professional from Filan & Conner of Cherry Hill NJ would be happy to answer any question you have about plumbing fixture installation or shower enclosures.

Tweak this botanical theme for a "Jungle Book"-style children's bath.

Go ultra-modern with a monochromatic bathroom. White is the contemporary color of choice. White toilet, sinks, bathtub, tile, vanity and flooring wash your bathroom in clean light. White curtains that filter the sunshine and polished faucets that reflect and magnify light work together to make a welcoming yet pristine space. Add splashes of color, if you like, with bright accents.

Make your master bath into a relaxing haven with a warm-themed renovation. Consider having your remodeling contractor add in-floor radiant heating. Select moisture-sealed, wood flooring to highlight the warm, welcoming theme of the space. A freestanding soaking tub, a glass-enclosed shower stall and an antique wood vanity integrate beautifully. Add a soft, upholstered easy chair beside the tub to accent the rich, relaxing theme of this luxurious master bath.

With some ingenuity, you can turn your home's main-floor bathroom into a showpiece that will astound your guests. Create a decorative area rug out of integrated tiles for a custom, artisan look. Find an antique sideboard at your local second-hand shop and have your remodeling contractor retrofit it for use as a sink stand, or trade a utilitarian vanity for a sleek pedestal sink. Choose unconventional wall or ceiling treatments, such as metallic wallpaper, for a high-fashion effect, and add chrome faucets and shower hardware for a classic touch.

Your bathroom remodel is a great opportunity to be creative and daring with design. By selecting neutral-toned fixtures and tile as a base layer, you leave your options open for easy, inexpensive theme-based revisions later.

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