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Growing concerns with pollutants invading indoor air quality has caused people to look for cleansing solutions. The air ozone generator seemed like a good answer until the risks were researched and identified. It is important to mention that the Environmental Protection Agency does not recommend the use of any type of indoor air cleaning device due to safety concerns. Due to the complications of exposure to high concentrations of ozone, trust Cherry Hill heating cooling specialists to provide better clean air solutions for your home.

Ozone is not synonymous with oxygen, as most people are lead to believe by certain manufacturers trying to sell their product. The fine print details very strict operational directions that prevent the machine from actually doing much good to the indoor environment. Low amounts of ozone exposure can cause coughing, shortness of breath and trigger complications with asthma. Exposure to high amounts of ozone can permanently damage the lungs, which is never a side effect from breathing truly pure air. Breathing problems can occur as easily in people with perfect health as with those that already suffer from breathing problems.

Generating ozone in a room will not remove basic allergens, such as pollen and dust, from the air. In order to stay within the public health standards during use, it is not effective in removing the intended biological pollutants and bacteria. Concentrations must highly exceed the limit to perform any decontamination, if it is actually effective at all.

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Surface mold or mildew may be eliminated, only to have regrowth on furniture and surfaces not deeply cleaned. In some situations, high levels of ozone can be used in a completely unoccupied space to clear out biological contaminants from severe mold damage or fire restoration.

Ionizers are a similarly marketed device that work as an indoor air filter against allergens. Negatively charged ions attach to contaminants and leave particles around the machine that require eventual cleaning for elimination. While the filtration is a little more effective than an ozone generator, this unit has the potential to also produce dangerous amounts of ozone when running.

There are less risky ways to perform the same air cleansing that ozone generators are advertised to accomplish. This includes getting rid of nasty odors, killing mold and eliminating bacteria. A properly functioning HVAC system works great for ensuring clear air inside the home, as long as there are no existing issues with water damage. If lingering smell or contaminates are a concern in your home, ask a Cherry Hill cooling expert for the best solution for the situation. Practice good hygiene and regularly cleaning to eliminate the source of poor air. Always have proper ventilation with a clean filtration system, and maintain a safe level of humidity in every season.

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