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People that allow pets to live indoors are aware of the pollutants that are invading the air they breathe. Unfortunately, there are plenty of other reasons that indoor air quality may be less than healthy. No one should have to sacrifice a high level of comfort at home, especially with the ease of identifying symptoms of poor air quality. Don't evict the family dog before finding out the ways to combat dander and dirt. Humidity control and proper ventilation are common issues that can be solved with the care and assistance from a Cherry Hill heating cooling professional.

Does a family member notice that common allergy symptoms seem to be amplified indoors? Pet dander, dust particles, and pest droppings are major indoor culprits that cause itchy eyes and nasal discomfort. It may seem like a common cold at first, but symptoms tend to slack off when outdoors or in other buildings. When pests are detected, improve sealing around doors, windows, and any other opening to the outside. If you have a pet, bathe them regularly and wash bedding once a week. A litter box should be cleared of urine and feces every other day. Other dander and dust should be filtered through the HVAC system if it is working to its full potential. If it is not, check the air filter for buildup and call a professional if needed.

A heating cooling professional from Filan & Conner of Cherry Hill NJ would be happy to answer any question you have about HVAC installation or air conditioning repair.

After you prepare a meal, does the food smell linger throughout the rest of the day? Smells are one of the main ways to identify an issue with ventilation. A tight seal keeping outside and inside air from exchanging can become an issue as toxins build up indoors. Air must be able to be exhausted so that pollutants do not become stagnant within the home. Running the air conditioner or heater is designed to eliminate smells when working properly. Change the filter regularly, and if the issue persists, have an HVAC specialist inspect ducts for debris, leaks, or damage.

Have you noticed a bad smell when you turn the air conditioner on? Mold can easily spread in homes that do not have a fair balance of humidity, especially when there is excessive moisture. High humidity can come from improperly ventilated steam from the shower or a closed up dryer in the laundry room. Not only do mold spores trigger allergy symptoms to kick into overdrive, they can be dangerous to people and pets breathing the air. Control humidity by installing adequate ventilation in the kitchen, laundry room and bathroom. Air needs to circulate so that it does not create indoor dampness.

Every homeowner needs to take precautions to having fresh air to breathe when closed indoors, whether there seems to be a reason for immediate concern or not. Dust and vacuum regularly to put less strain on the HVAC system, and pay attention to the signs of improper ventilation. Don't forget to have an annual inspection of air ducts so that repairs can be made before they become an issue that effects the health of your family.

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