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Cherry Hill Heating Cooling: Article About Air Temperature and Healthy Weight Maintenance

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When it comes to maintaining a healthy weight, many factors work together to keep you on track. Nutrition, exercise and genetics are all factors in body weight. However, research studies have uncovered another factor that you might never have considered: The setting on your home thermostat has been scientifically proven to affect your body's ability to burn fat.

British researchers report a link between indoor temperature and being overweight. They based their theory on the parallel rise in home temperatures since central heat became widespread in the 1960s and increasing obesity rates since that era.

As your Cherry Hill heating cooling specialist can affirm, the average interior temperature for homes has risen several degrees over the years. In fact, a rise in average home temperatures from around 65 degrees Fahrenheit in 1978 to over 70 degrees in 2008 clearly confirms this trend, which entails that household members have little need to generate their own warmth by burning up fat reserves.

The type of fat the body accesses for a quick surge of warmth is known as brown fat. People burn through brown fat even in temperatures that don't cause them to shiver. Colder than ambient temperatures trigger a process called thermogenesis, in which your body draws upon quick-burning brown fat deposits located in areas such as your neck and upper back.

However, if the temperature at home never dips below your comfort level, chances are that your brown fat deposits accumulate rather than deplete. When you figure in such factors as well-heated transportation and more sedentary lifestyles for both adults and children, you see the connection between staying warmer and weight gain.

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A research team at Harvard Medical School contends that turning down the thermostat a few degrees may help family members lose weight. Researchers estimate that over a few weeks, residents will burn an extra 3,500 calories, or a pound of fat, by generating body heat in a colder home. The primary requirement of this type of weight loss is persistence: You must commit to turning down your thermostat on a permanent basis to benefit from the brown fat factor.

Lowering your internal temperatures has other benefits too. For each degree that you lower your thermostat at night, for example, you save about one percent of your typical energy usage for home heating. With proper use of a programmable thermostat, you save between six and 30 percent annually on your energy bills. Maintaining a healthy body weight and realizing significant savings is a winning combination.

The problem arises when you don't use your programmable thermostat as intended. Setting a higher or lower temperature than normal is the most common mistake homeowners make with programmable devices. Their intent is to make sure that when they arrive home, the house warms up quickly. Consistently setting the thermostat higher than necessary is inefficient and does not save money.

By lowering your winter thermostat settings and raising your summertime settings by just a couple of degrees, you will enjoy long-term benefits. Staying fitter and saving money are powerful incentives for homeowners, with long-term benefits.

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