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The Environmental Protection Agency has set into motion a complete phaseout of the air conditioning chemical freon because of its danger to the ozone layer. Alternative coolants are hitting the HVAC industry to provide safer options, each with its own characteristics and advantages. By 2020, the majority of people are going to be using greener alternatives in home climate control. Homeowners moving forward to replace outdated technology are being introduced to brand-new innovation options, so consult with your Cherry Hill heating cooling specialist to find out which option is right for your family.

R-422D is a refrigerant used in newly manufactured units with the possibility of also replacing freon in existing systems. The replacement cylinder is a distinct, bright green color. Manufacturers claim significant energy savings with this replacement, but the noticeable downside is the discharge temperatures being lower than freon. Another name for R-422D refrigerant is ISCEON MO29.

R-407C is more efficient than R-422D, making it closer to the freon it is replacing. The lower discharge temperature freon produces is experienced with this option as well. Suva 407C and Genetron 407C are other names for this product, which can by identified by its dark orange-colored cylinder.

R-410A is a popular chlorine-free refrigerant found in new central air and window units. It is contained in a pink-colored cylinder found in high-efficiency systems. Although it meets EPA standards against ozone depletion, there is significant potential to increase global warming.

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R-410A may be referred to as Puron, AZ-20 or Forane 410A among other lesser-used trademark names. Compared to other options, R-410A has the highest upfront cost due to full system replacement. Performance is as effective as freon without violating the EPA's standards for pollution.

Homeowners may feel hesitant to commit to a brand-new system before the lifespan of their old unit is fulfilled. Over time, however, maintenance costs to keep an older unit running correctly may seem to be more than the unit is worth. Freon is expected to be available until 2020 at a much higher fee than normal but is strictly intended for replenishment in old air conditioners. HVAC industry technicians are responsible for helping customers figure out the right option for their needs as well as budget. In terms of actual indoor cooling ability, replacing the system entirely has been more effective than retrofitting older units with updated innovations.

Alternative coolants in brand-new systems require different tools and techniques for regular maintenance. Cherry Hill cooling specialists receive ongoing training and certification to ensure adequate knowledge as the industry experiences changes. Updated systems always carry the advantage of using more energy-efficient technology as it is developed. The monetary savings and environmental benefits make the initial expense and effort pay off in the end.

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