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Cherry Hill Heating Cooling: Article About Annual HVAC Maintenance Checklist

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Many heating and cooling repair companies offer their clients an annual maintenance package. You may think it sounds like another marketing scheme to generate revenue in the off-season. In reality, an annual maintenance check up is designed to save you money. Checking the performance of your HVAC equipment and taking care of those tasks that prepare it to operate as efficiently as possible keeps your energy bills lower and your repair expenses at a minimum.

When your Cherry Hill heating cooling technician does an annual maintenance call, he or she looks over your whole home system. If you have a programmable thermostat, the technician goes through the presets to affirm that they reflect your family's heating and cooling needs. A few quick adjustments may be all that is needed to produce extra energy savings.

The HVAC technician checks the power connections to your heating and cooling equipment and checks the voltage and current they are using. This is important to the longevity of your furnace, heat pump or air conditioner because a fault in the electrical system could cause widespread damage.

The technician also runs your equipment through a normal cycle of starting, running and shutting down. Should a component show signs of trouble powering up, you should know this in advance so that you can address the problem before severe weather arrives.

Your tech cleans out the drains in your air conditioning unit or heat pump. An unaddressed clog in a condensate drain can cause overflow and water damage.

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Non-draining condensate could also saturate the air with humidity.

As a maintenance measure, the HVAC specialist lubricates your equipment as recommended by the manufacturer. Non-lubricated parts can cause motors to work harder, increasing energy usage.

During an annual maintenance call, the technician cleans out the condenser coils and evaporator units on your air conditioner to promote efficient operation and longer life. Also, the specialist checks the refrigerant in the unit and tops it off as necessary. He or she adjusts the air blower assembly to optimize the airflow into your home. This further improves the efficiency of your air conditioner and may translate to lower energy bills.

On your heating equipment, the tech inspects the fuel supply, pressure and connections, identifying the source of any leaks that might endanger your family. Checking the unit's burner and cleaning it as necessary improves efficiency. The HVAC specialist looks over the heat exchanger to affirm it is in good working order.

While on site, the technician replaces the filters in your HVAC system. This is a simple task that plays an important role in the efficient operation of your equipment. During periods of high heating or cooling demand, you may need to change dirty air filters every thirty days to maintain your system's optimal performance.

An annual maintenance call from your heating and cooling contractor should be a regularly scheduled event at your household. A single visit per year keeps your HVAC system in top shape and running as efficiently as possible. You will enjoy the benefits of continuous comfort and energy savings.

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