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Owning and operating a centralized forced air conditioning system is far more complicated than the upkeep of a single room unit; cleaning, maintenance and basic troubleshooting take a fair amount of knowledge that most people do not have. If you are having a new air conditioner installed or inspected by a Cherry Hill heating cooling specialist, take it as a learning opportunity by asking questions. Knowing a little about the major components and how they work when they're in top shape helps to identify when there is a problem.

One of the most vital pieces of advice for a homeowner is to practice preventative maintenance of the air conditioner, either through a routine service plan or annual inspection. A professional visit for the unit is much like a routine checkup from a doctor. A basic inspection can identify problems in the early stages, and it can extend the overall life of the unit by avoiding unnecessary breakdowns. Leaks, low coolant and component lubrication done routinely can keep climate control appliances working at their most efficient throughout the year.

Pay attention to subtle signals that alert you when it is time to call a service professional to come inspect the unit. Sounds such as rattling ducts or knocking when the unit turns on are telltale signs that something is not normal.

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It should also be easy to tell if one or more rooms are not reaching the right temperature as efficiently, if at all. For instance, a unit that's low on coolant can cost twice as much to operate. Moreover, a unit that's not reaching the desired temperature as efficiently as before could mean that there is an issue with a leaking duct, which can become larger and more complicated to fix over time.

Air filter buildup can also cause the unit to not properly produce cool air in the home. However, if that does not appear to be the problem, make sure everything on the thermostat is set correctly, including the temperature. The issue may be as simple as someone adjusting the thermostat. It's also not unusual for the heat outside the home to make the indoor unit seem to be working less efficiently. Take into consideration the basic factors before calling a professional for a repair.

Never attempt to fix a complicated problem on your own unless you have had real training. Internal components are fragile when untrained hands treat them improperly. Moreover, a small fix can easily escalate into a much more complicated and expensive problem than what it started out as; simply observing a technician at work does not mean an untrained individual is ready tackle a unit repair. Take care of clearing debris and changing filters on your own, but always call a professional for service when it comes to everything else.

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