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With so many acronyms claiming space in the American lexicon, it is no surprise that plenty of them seem like Greek. For example, many homeowners may not know that the term "HVAC" describes the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning profession.

Like most homeowners, however, you are probably well aware that when your furnace goes on the fritz or your air conditioning stops cooling, your local HVAC repair technician is the first person you need to call. Before that happens, learn some common HVAC acronyms so you can communicate with your Cherry Hill heating cooling contractor.

AHRI is the acronym for the Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute. AHRI is a volunteer organization of HVAC product manufacturers that publishes testing guidelines for air conditioners and heat pumps.

BTU is short for British thermal unit. This quantifies heating and cooling capacity. One BTU is the quantity of heat that raises the temperature of a pound of water by one degree F.

DOE stands for Department of Energy, a federal agency that determines efficiency standards for the HVAC industry. DOE works with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in administering the Energy Star program for energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment.

GAMA is the Gas Appliance Manufacturing Association, a national organization for gas, oil and electric appliance manufacturers. It includes products intended for both residential and industrial usages.

HCFC is an acronym for hydrocholorofluorocarbons, a substance in air conditioners that acts as a refrigeration agent. HCFCs are subject to controls because they are harmful to the earth's ozone layer. The U.S.

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has plans to phase out the use of HCFCs by 2030.

HFC, also known as hydrofluorocarbon, is a common refrigerant in heat pumps and air conditioning systems. It does not have an adverse effect on the earth's ozone layer.

An HRV, or heat recovery ventilator, is a device that preheats the fresh air that it draws into your home. This helps your furnace heat more efficiently, cutting down on fuel bills.

IAQ refers to indoor air quality. Your home's IAQ affects the health of your family.

NATE stands for North American Technician Excellence, a national nonprofit that tests HVACR professionals. If your contractor and/or staff members have NATE certification, their knowledge is in keeping with a high standard of excellence.

A PMA is a planned maintenance agreement. This allows your HVAC company to perform routine maintenance and inspection of your household heating and cooling systems.

R-22, also known as Freon, is another coolant that depletes the earth's ozone layer. The use of Freon in air conditioning units has already been phased out. As of 2010, EPA has prohibited the manufacture of the substance.

RH is relative humidity. This measurement expresses the percentage of moisture in the air as compared to the maximum moisture capacity of the air at the same temperature.

Some people use acronyms because it makes them sound more savvy. However, knowing the meaning of HVAC abbreviations has a practical purpose as well. It will help you work with your heating and cooling contractor to keep your household systems in good repair.

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