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Cherry Hill Heating Cooling: Article About Communicating With Your HVAC Contractor

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When your furnace or air conditioner stops working properly, your ability to accurately describe the problem to your HVAC contractor can lead to quicker and more effective solutions. Familiarize yourself with a few key HVAC terms. Then, when you call your Cherry Hill heating cooling specialist, you'll be on the same wavelength from the word hello.

Air balancing ensures that an appropriate quantity of cooled air reaches the right spots in your home for the most effective cooling. If your household air conditioner seems to have lost some of its cooling power, your contractor may adjust the unit for better air balance.

Commissioning your new heating or cooling system is the finishing step of the installation process. During commissioning, the contractor confirms code compliance and correct installation. The HVAC tech gives you a document that details test results, provides you with the manuals for your new system and takes you on a run-through of operating procedures.

A condenser, also called a heat exchanger, is the component of your air conditioning system that is located outside your home. The unit condenses the refrigerant gas to liquid form and releases the hot or cold air that it draws from your home.

A damper is a type of gate or obstruction inside the ductwork in your home. It controls the flow of air by enhancing friction to slow air passage.

A dry-charge unit is a piece of heating or cooling equipment that the manufacturer ships without fluids.

A heating cooling professional from Filan & Conner of Cherry Hill NJ would be happy to answer any question you have about air conditioning service or replacing a heater.

When it arrives for installation, the HVAC tech charges it with refrigerant. If you are replacing an old-style air conditioner that uses Freon, you may have to order a dry-charge unit.

A duct, or conduit, is a round or rectangular tube that conducts air between your interior spaces and your heating and cooling systems. Ducts can be made of fiberglass, vinyl or metal.

Energy Star is a federal program that reviews and certifies appliances, heating and cooling equipment, construction components and other products for energy efficiency.

An evaporator absorbs or adds warmth to an air conditioning refrigeration cycle. It has the capacity to absorb the heat contained in a liquid or a gas such as oxygen.

A heat pump is a device that provides heating and cooling to your household. It is a highly efficient system that transfers thermal energy into the home for heating and out of the home for cooling.

A load calculation is a formula that your contractor may use to size a heating and cooling system for your home. The calculation takes your home's square footage, directional orientation, family size and insulation into account. The result is expressed in terms of BTUs British thermal units that your contractor will match to equipment capacity.

A thermal zone is an indoor space or surrounding group of interior spaces that share similar thermal loads. Smaller homes typically contain a single thermal zone, plus unheated areas such as the basement or garage. Larger homes may have several distinct thermal zones that the contractor addresses individually for heating and cooling.

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