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Cherry Hill Heating Cooling: Article About Elimination Of Freon

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Prior to January 2010, freon was the standard refrigerant substances used in air conditioning systems. The recognition of it being a potential environmental hazard led to a widespread ban of its use in new production. Although old units can still be serviced until January 2020, the inflated cost of a freon refill reflects the halt in production. Cherry Hill heating cooling experts are knowledgeable in how to handle freon concerns and give alternative recommendations to servicing outdated equipment.

Climate control units that leak freon are releasing greenhouse gas that depletes the ozone layer. The safety of the coolant has always been questionable, requiring professional handling at all times. Exposure from inhalation of the odorless fumes in small amounts can lead to mild symptoms of nausea, headache, and eye irritation. A more severe case of inhalation can lead to seizure, bleeding in the lungs, and other dangerous consequences. When it comes in contact with skin, there is a high likelihood of chemical burn or frostbite. The total elimination of freon is beneficial to both people and the atmosphere

As far as consumers are concerned, it is time to plan for replacement to any cooling appliances that exclusively use freon. Manufacturers are only allowed to produce the coolant for servicing old equipment for a few more years as the transition is made. There is no indication that at any point prior to 2020 that freon will not be available, but environmentally conscious homeowners are encouraged to purchase air conditioners with environmentally-friendly coolant substitutes as soon as possible.

A heating repair professional from Filan & Conner of Cherry Hill NJ would be happy to answer any question you have about replacing a heater or air conditioning service.

R-410A is a cleaner coolant referred to under various names, but the selling point is that it's safe for the ozone later.

Once the production of air conditioners shifted away from using freon as the coolant, the HVAC industry has experienced a rise in new installations. Consumers taking the initiative to participate in the phaseout rely on local climate control services to give as many informed options as possible. Maintenance and repairs to a freon system are not becoming more expensive or profitable, but the cost of materials with a limited supply are a reason for concern. Overall, it may work out cheaper to replace the entire system than stick with an outdated unit.

No one can force a homeowner to make an immediate decision about when they choose to update current equipment. The majority of appliances may deteriorate naturally over the next few years, creating the necessity to update well before the 2020 freon phaseout. Jumping into a costly investment too soon during a time of innovation may not be the smartest decision, but setting aside funds will help when the day comes.

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