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Cherry Hill Heating Cooling: Article About Energy Efficient Room Cooling

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Older model room air conditioners are considerably less energy efficient than a central cooling system. However, recent innovations in the last decade have resulted in significant improvement in relation to the resources required to cool a room with a window unit. The initial cost, low level of required maintenance and energy savings are persuading more home owners to turn their back on complicated systems. You should always rely on a trained Cherry Hill heating cooling professional when choosing the best product and optimal size for the space being cooled.

Current models of air conditioners that meet the EPA guidelines for energy efficiency are designed to fight against negative climate change. This is a result from dangerous fossil fuel gas emissions that occur during operation of some air conditioners. Old units require excessive amounts of electricity when running and often do not meet the performance level needed for indoor comfort. It is important to identify the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or SEER, of the current unit when deciding if it is time for an upgrade. Ten years ago, energy efficiency was at a much different standard than the recent emphasis on innovations for energy conservation. A unit with a higher SEER has a direct relation to lower cost of operation and energy consumption than one with a low SEER. As a general rule, consider anything below 10 SEER to be wasteful. If it is possible to double the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, the power consumption drops by half while cooling at the same quality.

A heating cooling professional from Filan & Conner of Cherry Hill NJ would be happy to answer any question you have about replacing a heater or furnace repair.

As an added money-saving bonus, a unit with at least 16 SEER may be eligible for a tax credit that can be used the following year toward money owed to the IRS. If the total amount isn't needed, it can be carried over to the next year when filing income taxes.

Why cool an entire home with only one or two residents seeking comfort from the outside climate? You can conserve energy by cooling one occupied room at a time and leaving the rest of the house at its natural temperature. It is a simple routine to set the thermostat of a room unit to a comfortable level and always power it down when no one is present. Always weigh the pros and cons when considering the significant change from a forced air cooling system to single window units of air conditioning.

Maximum energy conservation can be achieved by choosing the appropriate size air conditioner and taking proper care during installation. A lot of work goes into determining a room area and the resulting capacity of BTU necessary for performance, so hire a knowledgeable contractor for the most adequate cooling appliance installation in Cherry Hill. Experienced installers can recommend the best quality of appliance, easily identify room factors and perform a safe installation to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

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