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Making sure your family is comfortable year round takes a big energy commitment. In fact, approximately one-half of your household energy consumption is the result of your furnace or heat pump and your air conditioning usage. If you would like to save on your electricity or fuel bill, try the following savings strategies that shave consumption without family discomfort. If your HVAC units are in need of repair or replacement, contact your Cherry Hill heating cooling contractor for assistance.

Take a cue from passive solar homes and utilize blinds or insulated curtains to supplement your heating and cooling equipment. In the summer, cover windows to keep interior spaces cool, and in the winter, let the sun shine in to supplement your heating system.

Get in the habit of some simple maintenance tasks that add up to savings on your energy bill. For example, change your equipment's air filters once per month during periods of heavy furnace or air conditioner usage. In spring and autumn, you may only need to change them every three months. Dirty filters make your equipment work harder to distribute heated or cooled air. Dust baseboard heaters frequently to keep them operating as efficiently as possible. Make sure that no obstructions such as furniture, toys or clothing interfere with the flow of air from heating and cooling vents.

Don't run exhaust fans in kitchen or bathrooms any longer than necessary to clear the air. When you keep a fan running longer than 20 minutes or so, it begins to pull heated or cooled air out of the room, working at cross purposes with your HVAC system.

A heating cooling professional from Filan & Conner of Cherry Hill NJ would be happy to answer any question you have about HVAC installation or furnace installation.

If you don't already have one, install a programmable thermostat to save energy. It takes care of turning down the heat when you are asleep or nobody is home. It also brings your home to a comfortable temperature before the family returns from work or school. Automating your energy usage with a programmable thermostat is a smart strategy for paring down your fuel bill.

Sealing your ductwork is a do-it-yourself measure you can take to further reduce fuel costs. According to Energy Star, a federal program that designates energy efficient products, your home's heating and cooling ducts waste energy. You can use foil-backed sealant tape on the gaps in your attic, crawlspace or basement ducts. Then, by wrapping the ductwork in sheet insulation, you can keep more heated or cooled air where it belongs en route to your living areas.

Check your exterior doors and windows and replace cracked or gapping caulk and worn weather stripping. A well sealed home holds in heat or cooling better so your HVAC equipment does not have to work as hard to maintain a reasonable comfort level.

With a few inexpensive touch ups and some sensible conservation, you can reduce the amount of energy you use to keep your home comfortable. Not only will you pay less per month in terms of fuel bills, but your heating and cooling systems will be less stressed and last longer.

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