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The regular changing of disposable air filters is something that should become part of every homeowner's routine. Keeping dust and debris from entering and clogging up the system ensures the most efficiency during use. Going to the store and gazing down a full aisle of options can be overwhelming. Knowing the correct dimensions and how often they require changing is only part of the equation, but a Cherry Hill heating cooling technician can give your any necessary information. Consider the types of filters available with the specific needs inside your home to know which filter type will provide the best service to your HVAC unit.

Washable filters are meant to be a semi-permanent accessory in the home. People that do not want to go out and buy new filters every time they need to be changed have the benefit of cleaning the same one as needed. Unfortunately, they are difficult to maintain because they very easily collect bacteria that is able to circulate continuously in the air your family breathes.

Fiberglass filters are inexpensive and situated toward the bottom of the recommendation list. They do not remove most pollutants from the air and are very thin compared to other types. If you feel pretty comfortable with only using a filter to protect the system rather than improve indoor air quality, then the inexpensive price and features may seem right on point.

Electrostatic filters come in both reusable and disposable options, with a recommendation to buy the type that can be thrown away.

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They perform by using charged fibers to attract and capture all types of particles. As they wear down, so does their performance efficiency in guarding your system from contaminants.

Pleated or polyester filters are a great disposable option for removing pollutants, without causing a hefty burden on the wallet when it comes replacement time. They are perfect for pet owners that need a little bit of extra trapping ability to keep allergens to a minimum.

High-efficiency filters are the best at removing contaminants that are very small, such as pollen or dust. People living with asthma, severe allergies, or other respiratory sensitivities may require strict filtration to be comfortable breathing indoor air.

It is always necessary to make sure the heating or cooling appliance is compatible with specific types of accessories. Choosing an incompatible filter can cause accidental damage to the system. There is such thing as too much filtration, which is another issue to watch out for to keep the air clean without causing a problem. Preventing air flow through the unit is a big mistake that makes climate control difficult to achieve. Ask for advice from your contractor on what is best for your home, or make an educated guess while keeping a close eye out for performance changes following the filter change.

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