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Anytime outdoor air is introduced into the home, there is a possibility of fungus spores coming inside. Regular cleaning along with well-maintained HVAC filters significantly cut down on contaminates, but humidity and moisture create a breeding ground for reproduction. Fungal contamination can cause allergy attacks, infections, or even diseases depending on the type and severity. Any homeowner that has conditions of high humidity, water damage or a forced air unit is at risk of growing indoor fungus. The first step is to contact a Cherry Hill heating cooling contractor to do an inspection of the HVAC unit.

Physically determining the exact species a home has been exposed to is nearly impossible. Fusarium is a type found in drains that can cause pink eye, sinus infection and skin infection from exposure. Water damaged homes commonly develop the fungus type called Penicillium, which causes allergic reaction. Toxic black mold, called Stachybotrys, also comes from water damage. As the name suggests, exposure can cause a lot of serious health problems, including death. Although there are some types of growth that do not pose a threat to people, it is best to treat it as though it's dangerous.

Air filters need to be changed regularly throughout the year, especially for pet owners. Be observant of the accumulation of visible debris to get an idea of how often filter changes need to occur. They are designed to catch pollen, dander, spores, and other debris before it enters the ventilation system.

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Once inside the HVAC unit, any condensation on ducts or cooling coils become locations for growth. Depending on the type of fungus, this can lead to illness when breathed in. The initial symptom most people have are allergic reaction or mild respiratory irritation. As the growth progresses, it could result in disease or even death in the most severe circumstances.

Always have an annual checkup of the heating and cooling system to be sure everything is clean and operating correctly. If duct cleaning is needed, a knowledgeable expert should be able to take care of a fungus issue thoroughly. Identifying and eliminating the source of moisture is the initial step, followed by disinfecting. Insulation inspection may determine that there is a leak or inadequate coverage of the ducts. If internal materials have become moist at all, they must be completely torn out and replaced so that the fungus is unable to return.

Never attempt to perform a complicated fungus removal from ducts without professional help. Trained HVAC experts in Cherry Hill have professional tools designed for proper cleaning. A poor job may leave traces of contaminates within the system that can easily redistribute as soon as the system is switched on again. Circulating clean indoor air creates a comfortable environment for the family and friends to relax in while getting away from the airborne contaminates outdoors.

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