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As the home construction industry continues to fine-tune energy efficiency, your family may fall victim to some unintended effects of an airtight environment. Well-sealed exterior walls keep out cold air in winter and hot air in summer, but they also prevent the exchange of fresh air. If you do not have an updated ventilation system, the air within your residence becomes stale. Your Cherry Hill heating cooling contractor offers HVAC accessories that can improve your air quality.

Stale air may contain remnants of woodstove smoke or cigarette smoke, or particles of dust or dander from your pets may also be suspended in the air. These contaminants would normally dissipate over time as fresh air replaces stale, but in an airtight home, this process is significantly slower. Meanwhile, your family members are breathing allergen-laden air.

Air cleaners and media filters work together to eliminate air pollutants from your home. Portable, electrostatic air cleaners are one option for homes with stale air. One type of cleaner imbues particulates with an electrical charge for capture on flat, oppositely charged plates. Another version emits charged ions into your air, causing particles to settle on nearby surfaces. Frequent vacuuming of furniture, floors and walls removes the settled particulates.

Disposable air filters installed within the HVAC ductwork of your home can catch some of the pollutants that cause respiratory problems. These filters effectively remove larger allergen particles like pet dander and pollen. However, because these larger particles are the first to settle, in-duct filters do not catch all of them. You can evaluate the filtering efficiency of different products by looking at their MERV rating, which is the minimum efficiency reporting value.

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A rating of one is the lowest and 20 is the highest possible score. Most home furnaces and air conditioner flat filters carry a MERV value between one and four.

Filters that are pleated and thus have a larger surface area typically have a MERV rating of between five and 13. They filter small to large particulates from your home's atmosphere. Those units with a MERV efficiency rating of 14 to 16 work the best, but they cause a significant reduction in the airflow of your HVAC system, forcing it to work harder than it is designed to. Ask your HVAC contractor before replacing your existing filters with higher efficiency products.

Dry air also affects your family's respiratory systems and skin hydration. Many household HVAC systems have humidifier attachments that add water vapor to the heated air. The moisture enters each room in your home, easing the adverse effects of dry air. Types of units available include disc humidifiers, water wicking units, ultrasonic mist humidifiers, atomizing units and steam humidifiers. Each has its own drawbacks, and many of these are highly water consumptive. More technologically developed models monitor the humidity level in your home and add moisture only as needed.

By providing additional filtration and humidity to your home environment, you can keep the air cleaner and more healthful. When family members have chronic problems with respiratory or allergic disorders, take steps to improve the quality of your air.

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