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Cherry Hill Heating Cooling: Article About Gas Furnace Maintenance

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Homeowners that choose a natural gas furnace for heating experience a fair share of savings than those who use an electric heater. Efficiency and safety can be guaranteed with basic maintenance done between annual inspections. Checking components, cleanliness, and easy fixes reserve professional repair needs for real problems. Anytime basic maintenance helps detect a problem, have a Cherry Hill heating cooling contractor do a thorough inspection and fix the furnace as soon as possible.

Cleaning a gas furnace is an easy way to keep ahead of dirt buildup that can put a damper on running efficiency. As the summer is coming to an end, do a thorough cleaning and then followup once a month. Remove the filter and inspect the amount of debris that has accumulated. If you cannot see light shining through it, replace it with a new one. To clean the blower and motor, first disconnect the power source to prevent any mishaps during the process. Use the hose attachment of a vacuum cleaner to suck as much dust off of fan blades as possible. If debris is stubborn, clean with a washcloth or toothbrush before vacuuming. Use the same technique on the motor housing so that it is able to properly ventilate itself from overheating during operation.

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Do a simple visual inspection of the ventilation so that there is nothing preventing heating and the escape of dangerous carbon monoxide. If there is a concern with ducts, have a Cherry Hill heating professional clean or repair before running the unit. Check for gas leaks in the surrounding area of the furnace. A plain soap and water mixture sprayed on valves will begin to bubble if there is any leak. Relying on smell alone is not a clear sign, so always have a carbon monoxide detector in the home with good batteries.

If the home is not maintaining the set temperature while the furnace is running, check that the thermostat is performing properly. It can be an inexpensive fix for a basic dial replacement, and most homeowners are able to install it on their own. More advanced thermostats may require the assistance of a professional with up-to-date HVAC training. Also check that the control valve is open and the pilot light is burning pure blue. This is simple troubleshooting that can save the hassle and money of having a technician pay a visit for an easy fix.

The ability to complete regular cleaning and maintenance should not replace the annual thorough inspection of the entire system. There are issues that are easily overlooked to someone that has not gone through the detailed training of a licensed HVAC professional. Anytime the system is not heating the home efficiently, do not hesitate to contact your local Cherry Hill technician for help.

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