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Cherry Hill Heating Cooling: Article About Indoor Temperatures and Your Health

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Temperatures, both indoors and out, affect the way you and your family feel. Severe heat or cold can even be potentially fatal. While your family will probably never have to worry about such significant temperature fluctuations in your home, you may wonder what the optimum thermostat settings are for a healthy environment.

If you have infants or senior citizens in your household, pay special attention to your interior temperatures as the very young and the aged are the most sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Contact your Cherry Hill heating cooling specialists for suggestions about keeping your home at a steady, comfortable temperature.

The phrase "room temperature" describes a comfortable interior environment that is typically around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. At night, you may prefer a lower temperature of 65 degrees or less; this facilitates a slight drop in your body temperature that helps you fall asleep. If your bedrooms are too hot or too chilly, you and your family members may experience bouts of insomnia.

According to the World Health Organization, four factors are at play in forming the thermal environment within your home. The temperature of the air is one, of course, but radiant temperature, humidity and air movement are also important. No matter the setting of your thermostat, your home may have pocket zones that stay hotter or cooler than the rest of the house, and by being aware of these pockets, you can either use them or avoid them.

Woodstoves, cooking stoves and major appliances contribute to the radiant heat within your home. It varies from room to room, and you should position beds and other furnishings to take advantage of such heat sources.

A heating cooling professional from Filan & Conner of Cherry Hill NJ would be happy to answer any question you have about HVAC installation or air conditioning service.

Similarly, you should keep beds away from windows, where winter cold robs heat from interior spaces.

An overly humid environment promotes the growth of mold or bacteria while extremely dry air can cause respiratory distress. Therefore, keeping the moisture content in your environmental in balance is important for your family's health. Humidity of approximately 50 percent is a healthy level for most homes. The moisture in the air works in tandem with ambient temperatures to keep your family comfortable and healthy.

Air movement within your house keeps the air fresh and free of pollutants. However, energy efficiency can work at cross-purposes with air movement. If your home is so well sealed as to be virtually airtight, you should add an adequate ventilation system to rid the air of allergens and replace stale interior air with fresh, outdoor air.

A programmable thermostat helps keep your day and night temperatures consistent. According to the federal Energy Star program, this device also saves on your energy bill because it turns down the heat or air conditioning when no one is at home. It fine-tunes your interior environment automatically to keep the temperature at a constant, preset level.

By making good decisions about your indoor air quality, you can promote the health of your family. Also, by turning down your heat or turning up your air conditioner at night, you can keep your bedrooms at a comfortable temperature for a good night's sleep.

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