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Cherry Hill Heating Cooling: Article About Is Your Air Conditioner Compressor Broken?

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Most of us rely on our air conditioning systems in order to keep cool in the summer and to prevent excessive humidity from causing problems in our homes. When they fail, we can be left feeling pretty sweaty and uncomfortable! Not being able to keep your home cool in a heat wave can do more than cause you to sweat. At high enough temperatures, delicate items in your home might start sustaining damage. Your Cherry Hill heating cooling system could be affected as the overall temperature of the house begins to rise. It is important to keep your A/C unit in top condition in order to prevent your household appliances from malfunctioning. What you may not be aware of is that most instances of AC failure are the result of a faulty or broken air conditioning compressor. Here are signs that you can look for to tell if your compressor is on the fritz.

One of the first warning signs of a broken compressor is noise. You might notice that your AC unit is making hissing or "clunking" sounds instead of a steady, constant hum. This is because the gas in a cooling unit is refrigerated using a motor.

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If the motor is no longer working as well as it once did, it will make loud noises as it struggles to compress, refrigerate and release the gas in the air conditioner. Rattling noises are another sign of a bad compressor inside your AC unit.

Is your air conditioner no longer beating the heat? A unit that does not work as well as it once did might have a broken or faulty compressor. In a worst-case scenario, your AC unit could just be blowing out hot air. The fans might be working properly, but the compressor will not be able to properly refrigerate the gas in the AC unit, and cool air won't flow.

If your AC unit struggles to start after you turn it on, you might have a broken compressor on your hands. Properly working air conditioners might take some time to start up and reach their full working capacity, but they do not sputter or jerk and start unevenly. A unit with a broken compressor will not be able to start smoothly and may shut down several times before starting up again.

By being aware of the signs that point to a faulty air conditioning compressor, you can move quickly if anything does happen. Repairing compressors can be expensive, so it is up to you to decide whether you want to fix the unit you own or purchase a new one. Regardless, it's important to solve the issue straight away, so that you -and your home- can keep cool all summer long.

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