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Cherry Hill Heating Cooling: Article About Low Indoor Humidity

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Everyday activities, such as boiling water on the stove or taking a hot shower, increase the humidity in the home. Homeowners are advised against allowing too much humidity to become trapped inside. On the other side of the spectrum, however, not enough humidity causes uncomfortably dry air. A happy medium can be achieved by carefully maintaining an indoor humidity level between 30 and 50 percent for the best balance. You can consult with a Cherry Hill heating cooling contractor for the best advice on correcting low indoor humidity and for recommendations of good monitoring devices.

Dry indoor air can cause a physical reaction of dry skin, cracked lips or nosebleeds. As an unfortunate effect of dry winter air leaking into the home, nasal dryness leaves more opportunity for illness to spread from person to person as germs are not caught by mucus. Once one occupant becomes ill, it is highly likely that sharing the same dry air passes the germs on to everyone else. People who blame dry skin and chapped lips on cold weather conditions are not able to escape the elements by being trapped inside with the same dry air. Inadequate skin moisture causes itchiness as well as an older appearance in the hands and face from wrinkles cause by dehydration. Trying to escape into a hot shower only worsens the condition. The combination of cold outdoor conditions with dry air indoors is the reason many people find themselves applying moisturizers to the skin and lips throughout the day.

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To combat the factors and effects of dryness, you should rehydrate your home instead of fighting with your body. A humidifier is the first logical step to take toward restoring a comfortable level of moisture. Static electricity is a symptom that disappears almost immediately. Take care to aim for a humidity level at a maximum of 60 percent to prevent creating an entirely different set of household issues. Investigate areas where cold air is sneaking into the home, paying close attention to obvious openings around doors, windows and attics. Creating a tight seal not only helps to control humidity but also saves a little money from easier temperature control.

Once the home air is balanced, keep a close eye on the humidity level with a simple gadget that digitally displays the exact percentage. Your body may detect discomfort eventually, but being able to glance at a device gives a clearer answer on air conditions. Check with a Cherry Hill heating expert for advice on monitor brands and models with the highest satisfaction rate among their customers. Do not forget to continue to protect your skin, lips and nose when the cold air outdoors is not avoidable. Saline drops, lip balm and applying nourishing moisturizer prevent over-exposure to the blistering cold.

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