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Options for air conditioning in a mobile home are similar to other homes, but typically on a smaller scale. All homes come equipped with some type of cooling system, but knowing the different types helps when making a home purchase or replacing an old system. Central air conditioning is the most suitable for overall temperature control, but a portable or window unit can work to cool one area at a time. Do not always depend on the word of the mobile home salesperson as far as health in a new or used system. Bring along an experienced Cherry Hill heating cooling technician to verify the condition of the air conditioner before committing to buy.

A central air conditioning system in a mobile home cools each room through a series of ducts running in the ceiling or under the floor. They are much smaller to fit the compact nature of the area, but the components are the same. As far as energy consumption is concerned, this can drain electricity if it is not an efficient or healthy system. Older mobile homes may need an update after a few years, which is the perfect time to have an Energy Star appliance put in to cut down on cooling cost each month. Always have a routine inspection done once a year to ensure that everything is functioning correctly and clean.

Although inadequate cooling in a couple of rooms can be a sign of issues with duct sealing or insulation, a quick fix to cool one room at a time is a portable unit.

An AC repair professional from Filan & Conner of Cherry Hill NJ would be happy to answer any question you have about furnace repair or air conditioning service.

These also have the standard components, including the evaporator and compressor, but can easily be set on the floor of a room due to their compact size. Exhaust exits through a vent connected to the exterior wall, so they cannot be moved throughout the home as simply as moving the box. Another downside to this type of cooling is they operate much louder than any other solution.

Window air conditioners can be placed inside the window of a room, or in a hole in the wall if absolutely necessary. A Cherry Hill cooling professional can help with determining the exact size and placement for the most effective performance. Poor installation, a higher BTU than necessary, or a low quality product are all factors that cause inadequate cooling and a higher than necessary electric bill. A home with only one or two people may find it best to rely on cooling one room rather than the entire house.

Always consider every suitable option before jumping at the first solution. Each system has its advantages and disadvantages, and it shouldn't be a split-second decision to make a commitment that will last a few years. A cooling expert will be able to give detailed options, including overall cost and customer feedback on specific appliances.

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