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Your family depends on your household heating system to stay comfortable. When your furnace needs repairs or replacement, make sure that the contractor you call is someone you and your family can trust. Ask a few pertinent questions before any work begins to verify the contractor's professionalism, experience and expertise. Choosing the right Cherry Hill heating cooling contractor will promote the comfort of your family and your peace of mind.

The vast majority of heating and cooling contractors are reliable and experienced. However, as a homeowner, you must identify those who are not if you want to get quality service backed by your contractor's reputation. Therefore, ask heating contractors questions that focus on the company's background, qualifications and dispute resolution process.

Find out how long the heating company has been in operation and the number of years it has done business in its current location. By verifying the longevity of the contracting firm, you are gaining insight into the stability and reliability of the company.

Confirm that the contractor is licensed by the state. This should be non-negotiable. Find out whether the individual heating technicians have taken any certification courses that qualify them for specialized work. One such certification is NATE North American Technician Excellence awarded to heating and cooling technicians who pass an exam on their professional knowledge. Those companies that encourage ongoing training and certification have the most reliable reputations.

Along similar lines, ask the contractor whether the firm belongs to any national HVAC heating, ventilation and air-conditioning trade associations. HVAC-related associations range from the Associated General Contractors of America to the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers.

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Membership in such national groups requires a commitment from individual contractors to the industry.

When you are speaking with a heating contractor, ask some company policy questions. Does the firm offer 24-hour emergency service, and if so, what is their typical response time to such a call? Also, ask how the company backs up its work. Perhaps it offers a time-limited warranty on all repairs and installations. Maybe it has a money-back guarantee. Get the specifics, and then compare the firm's customer satisfaction policy with others in the area.

Ask the HVAC representative for some customer references. Reputable contractors always make references available to confirm their experience and expertise. Contact the customers on the list and find out how the contractor performed on their HVAC project.

Expect the contractor to ask you plenty of questions in return. To make a solid diagnosis of your heating problem, the technician needs to know the details of the issue and take a look at your home heating system. Be wary of someone who gives quick answers by phone without gathering data. Also, be suspicious of someone who tells you that your furnace needs to be replaced without ever having looked at it.

A fair exchange of information is a sound and intelligent way to do business. Engage your heating contractor in a dialogue that gives both of you the information you need to get the job done.

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