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The SNUPI Technologies company recently released a game-changing innovation for accurate home health monitoring through a device called Wallyhome. Never again do homeowners have to question the condition of their surroundings with the unique monitoring system in place. The wireless technology uses very little energy resources and sends an immediate notification to warn of changes that can lead to serious problems. If a potential hazard is detected, a Cherry Hill heating cooling contractor can come do an inspection to determine the best way to move forward.

The original system is set at a price point of $299 with the initial release in February 2014 and additional components becoming available in April 2014. 6 sensors are included in the complete package, with additional sensors priced at $35 each if needed in a larger home. The best way to ensure adequate monitoring is to place them in areas that water may leak, typically around appliances that use water. A water leak may start out small and go undetected until weeks of damage have already been done. Wallyhome is an inexpensive investment that can save thousands in repair and replacement of pipes, appliances and materials down the road.

Wally sensors run on a small included battery and communicate as a total network around the clock. Each sensor is easy to sync with the main hub to alert the user's smartphone or computer at the push of a button. If an issue does arise within the home, an alert is immediately sent via email, text or push notification with the specific location and details of the problem.

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Once the message is received, simply pushing a button on the device sends it back to work with a fresh start. Don't worry about running any maintenance checking batteries on the equipment. Each one has an estimated lifespan of up to 10 years with continuous use.

It is much simpler for a device to detect a significant change in humidity or sense a water leak than to end up tearing out mold damage in the aftermath. Other manufacturers offer a similar monitoring option, but the ease of installation with almost no need for maintenance is an innovation that homeowners look for when making decisions about appliances. The device does not rely on wasting energy to pull an Internet source to run off of. It instead uses the copper wiring already inside the walls of most homes to work as antennas.

The future of Wallyhome hints toward different detection sensors that will alert of unfavorable air quality factors. The original Wallyhome system is focused on temperature, water, and humidity detection when the homeowner is away. The newer sensors being developed should appeal to awareness of conditions to people as they are living inside the home. This includes keeping track of dust, pollen, and smoke contaminating the air being breathed.

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