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Temperature control in a home with multiple floors can be a constant struggle between comfort and wasting resources. Why make rooms comfortable if they are empty? Zone control uses more than one thermostat to distribute air only where it is needed at any given time. They can be installed in each room, each floor, or a combination of both methods if it seems more suitable. Installation of a new zone control system is a complex job for an inexperienced person, so call a Cherry Hill heating cooling specialist.

The first step in an installation of this type of system is to have the home inspected to create a solution for thermostat placement. If the ductwork is already in place for the regular forced air distribution, zoning controls can be integrated easily. Motorized dampers are put into place that open or close to control the air going into an area. These are changed when the control panel signals for them to open or shut. The control panel acts as the main brain of the operation, and is available in different models that allows a specific number of zones to connect. Thermostats for control in each unique zone are the final component in the installation process.

Energy conservation is a breeze when cool air and heat can be shut off to certain parts of the home. Staying downstairs in the warmer months creates less work for the air conditioner because hot air rises.

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A separate thermostat can maintain a good temperature the kitchen when cooking is more suitable than sweating over dinner. This system makes the most sense for one or two people living in a large home that does not require heating and cooling to areas that stay empty throughout the day.

A major disadvantage to zoning is that temperature control on multiple floors does not allow for heating and cooling at the same time. If it is hot upstairs but cold downstairs, someone has to suffer through discomfort. There is the option to switch back and forth as temperatures are reached, but this it an unnecessary hassle. An entirely separate system on each floor is more appropriate in this type of situation. Two smaller units take up less room and drain less resources when in use.

Zoning on multiple floors requires a lot of connected ducts, but two units allow for less complicated ventilation to run. Maintaining two systems logically doubles the cost of inspection, maintenance and repair throughout the years as well. On the other hand, there is partial temperature control if one unit goes out rather than discomfort in the entire home. When it comes to a decision between zoning or using two units, ask your experienced Cherry Hill cooling technician to provide more detail about the cost and suitability of each method.

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