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Cherry Hill Plumbing: Article About Bathroom Plumbing Vocabulary For Homeowners

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Knowing the language is an important component of effectively communicating with your plumber. Brush up on some basic bath area terminology so that you will be ready when your Cherry Hill plumbing contractor comes to discuss your remodeling project.

ABS, also known as aristocraft brimstone styrene, is a type of plastic, non-flexible, black piping that your plumber may install in your waste water system. ABS can also be used for vent piping or water drains.

An aerator is located on your sink faucet spout or your showerhead. It has a mesh screen that separates the water flow into a multitude of separate streams that, when mixed with air, produce the same water pressure at a lesser rate of flow. Aerators are water-saving devices.

An angle stop shuts off the water flow between a faucet and water delivery pipes. It is positioned in the angle of the pipe as it bends upward toward the faucet, and you can use it to shut off the water supply to the sink in case of a leak.

A ballcock is part of a toilet tank flush assembly. It is a fill valve controlled by a float mechanism. When you flush the toilet, the float drops with the water in the tank. As the tank refills and the float reaches a preset level, it shuts off the ballcock valve.

An escutcheon is a metal flange or trim piece that covers the stem of a faucet and the hole through which it is installed.

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An escutcheon is usually decorative and matches the faucet assembly.

A flapper valve is located at the bottom of the toilet tank as part of the flush mechanism. When you press the flush handle, it lifts the flapper valve to release air through a connecting hole between tank and toilet bowl. The flapper valve then drops back down to cover the hole so the tank can refill with water.

Gray water is household wastewater from washing, showering, dishwashing and so on. You can use it to irrigate your landscaping to cut down on overall water usage. Gray water is distinct from black water, which contains sewage.

A pop-up drain, designed for bathroom plumbing fixtures. When you flip a mechanism near the faucet, an internal rod moves the drain cover down to plug the drain for filling or up for releasing water.

A pressure balance valve, located in your shower or bathtub, regulates the water temperature by mixing hot and cold water. It regulates hot and cold according to their relative pressures. The resulting water flow remains at the temperature setting you have chosen by adjusting the faucet handle.

The waste and overflow assembly for a bathtub consists of a drain in the floor of the tub for releasing bath water and an overflow pipe, located near the top of the tub wall, where water overflow can safely drain. This prevents bath water from splashing over the side on the tub onto your floor.

You'll have a clearer understanding of bathroom remodeling and plumbing repair bids when you know the meaning of common plumbing terms.

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