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Your home's plumbing system is vital to your family's comfort and well-being. Learn more about this essential household component with some commonly used words in the plumber's lexicon. You'll gain a better understanding of maintenance and repair needs. When a problem prompts you to call your Cherry Hill plumbing contractor, you'll have the language necessary to explain the issue and discuss possible solutions.

When your plumber mentions bleeding your water supply line, this means letting excess air escape by opening a relief valve. In some cases, the technician may have to use suction to draw out air pockets. Air in your plumbing can affect flow and also result in noisy pipes.

A bushing is a connector for joining two pipes of different diameters. It has threads both on the interior and exterior for greater versatility.

A cleanout valve, fitted into your piping system, has a removable plug. You can unplug the valve to let water and sludge escape and eliminate clogging.

Effluent is liquid waste or sewage. It is also known as black water.

A floor flange is the fitting in the opening in your bathroom floor beneath the toilet. It has bolt holes for securing the fixture. During installation, your plumber places a wax seal between flange and fixture to prevent leakage.

A water main is the primary pipe that supplies water to your home. It branches into a number of pipes that carry water throughout your home. A main can also refer to the primary vent pipe of your drainage system.

An O-ring is a circular washer made of rubber that seals valve stems to prevent water leaks.

A plumber from Filan & Conner of Cherry Hill NJ would be happy to answer any questions you have about plumbing pipe repairs or leaky faucets and fixtures.

You will typically find O-rings within faucet handles.

PEX is cross-linked polyethylene tubing. A mainstay of radiant floor heating systems, this flexible tubing can also be used to replace plumbing pipes that are hidden in walls or flooring.

A relief valve is a safety device that lets steam escape your plumbing system, preventing pipes from bursting. On-demand hot water heaters have relief valves. Another term for this type of fitting is a T & P valve, or temperature and pressure valve.

When your plumber mentions a rough-in, he or she is referring to the installation of a drain, vent and supply line system that is fixture-ready. You may elect to have a bathroom roughed-in for future completion.

A stub-out is related to a rough-in. The term refers to those short pieces of plumbing pipe that extend from roughed-in water supply lines and drains.

If your plumber lists sweating the pipes on a bid, he or she is talking about soldering copper piping. Sweating is a slang term in the construction business.

A trap is a U-shaped pipe located beneath sink, tub and shower drains. It holds water to keep sewer gas from entering you home through the drainage system.

Brush up on your plumbing terms so that you can communicate more clearly with your contractor during repairs, renovations, or regular maintenance calls. As a homeowner, the more you know about your plumbing, the better you are able to keep it performing at its best.

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