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If you're currently having plumbing problems in your home or business in the Cherry Hill area, you may want to attempt a diagnosis on your own. Even if you have no plumbing knowledge or background, it's possible to check your appliances and general plumbing set up to see if you need to contact a professional Cherry Hill plumbing company. Once you conduct a self-diagnosis, you can contact a plumber with some potentially helpful information in hand. The plumber will then conduct a diagnosis and let you know exactly what needs to be done to rectify the problems you are having.

Begin by reading your water meter. It's best to do this at a time when there has been no water usage for a few hours. Taking a reading first thing in the day is a good idea, as most people go at least six hours at night without any major water usage. Record the reading for three mornings in a row. If the amount of water used during that time period isn't the same or at least very close, you probably have a leak somewhere in your plumbing.

Start by checking all of your faucets. A faucet leak is usually not a big deal, but it does signify that there is some sort of wear and tear on your plumbing. You may need to replace a diverter on your shower, for instance. If you hear any vibrations when turning off hot water, you could also be dealing with a blocked or loose pipe.

Some people have backflow preventer problems as well and this can be potentially harmful if you have an in-ground sprinkler system.

A plumber from Filan & Conner of Cherry Hill NJ would be happy to answer any questions you have about leaky faucets and fixtures or drain issues.

It's important for your home's water quality that systems are all in good working order so talk to a plumber about any concerns.

Move on to the bathroom(s) next. Make sure that the toilet sits firmly on its base and that there's no leakage around the bottom when flushing the toilet. If the toilet won't flush, there's either a clog or blocked pipe in the main plumbing system. If you notice any sort of soft flooring around the toilet, there is some sort of water damage being done to the subsurface of the flooring. Plumbers can easily fix toilet problems in one visit.

While in the bathroom, make sure to check the shower and bathtub area for leaks, water spots, or soft areas of the wall or surrounding floor. If there seems to be water collection on the floor near your shower or bath, fill the tub or run the shower and watch for leakage. It's important to get these types of plumbing problems repaired immediately to prevent further damage to your bathroom and surrounding rooms.

Check the outside of your home for a leaking spigot or hose. If you live in a colder climate, your spout may have frozen during the winter and caused the piping to burst. You'll know if you have a problem with your house plumbing if you have weak water pressure, water spills out from under your home, or you hear what sounds like spraying or pouring coming from your pipes.

When you finish your self-diagnosis, write down anything you think is a problem and contact a professional plumber. Let them know what you're experiencing and in which areas of your home or business. They will perform their own diagnosis, tell you what's wrong, and give you an estimate to fix the problems.

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