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Whether you're interested in getting a garbage disposal installed in your home or you already have one of these fixtures and simply want it to perform well, it's important for you to get some detailed information regarding how they function and what you can do to ensure that the disposal lasts as long as possible. Many homeowners make the mistake of throwing all sorts of household items down the drain, often resulting in major repair work being needed. By contacting a Cherry Hill plumbing company and asking for advice regarding the maintenance and function of your garbage disposal, you should be able to make this fixture run properly without any issues.

The most common occurrence with garbage disposal that requires professional repair work is that it can become clogged, and the blades may no longer turn. If you're experiencing this issue, it's important that you understand what you did in order for the disposal to stop working. Hiring a professional for the repair job should not be very expensive, but could be easily avoided by being careful with your garbage disposal in the first place.

While your garbage disposal is designed for you to throw food in, there are several items that you will want to avoid. Corn husks are a big example of a food should never be thrown down the drain because they have fibrous strings which can become clogged in the drain. Other food that should always be avoided for use in the garbage disposal includes animal bones, egg shells, fruit pits, carrot peels, rice and pasta.

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Understanding the various foods that should not be thrown in the garbage disposal can help open your eyes to how you should care for this fixture in your home.

An easy way for you to ensure that the blades stay sharp is by periodically throwing ice cubes down the drain. This can help ensure that the disposal is functioning properly and that the blades are kept clean. If you have noticed any strange smells coming from the drain, it's recommended to throw citrus peels such as lemons or oranges into the drain and grinding it. These fruits can provide a pleasant citrus odor without harming the disposal in any way.

Using a garbage disposal can be an outstanding idea if you have a lot of biodegradable foods such as fruits and vegetables and would rather toss them down the drain than in the trash. While there are several benefits of using a garbage disposal, it is up to you to be careful about what is thrown down the drain so that the fixture continues functioning as it should. Asking for advice from reputable plumbing companies regarding what you can use the disposal for and how to ensure that it continues functioning properly can help prevent the need for expensive repairs later.

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