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Whether you are mulling over a plumbing renovation project for your home or just enjoy staying updated on the industry's latest trends, find out more about some of the modern conveniences currently on tap for homeowners. Check on availability of these trendy products by calling your Cherry Hill plumbing contractor or renovation specialist.

One recently released device detects toilet leaks. Water seepage from the bottom of the toilet tank into the bowl when the mechanism is idle is one of your biggest sources of wasted household water. The device requires no tools or installation and it is completely automatic, so it works full time checking for leakage. You simply stick the small, palm-sized box on the outside of the tank, activate the battery, and let it work. Color-coded lights on the unit let you know at all times whether the toilet is functioning normally or if water is leaking.

Another new entry into the plumbing category is the dual-flush converter. You drop it into the toilet tank to convert the unit to a water-saver that cuts down your per-flush water usage as much as 30 percent. The drop-in converter gives you the option of a quick flush to dispose of liquids and tissue waste or a full flush for solid waste. One manufacturer estimates that this type of unit can save a family of four up to 15,000 gallons of water annually.

A plumber from Filan & Conner of Cherry Hill NJ would be happy to answer any questions you have about drain issues or water heater repairs.

The converter fits over the toilet tank fill tube, and it has a control button that replaces the standard flush handle on the toilet.

Digital showers are one luxurious example of the trend toward customized convenience in plumbing fixtures. Outfitted with several specialty showerheads, this spa-type device surrounds you in relaxing streams of water. Best of all, you can program your digital shower to deliver the water temperature and stream configuration you like best. Each time you shampoo, you are enjoying your own custom cleansing experience.

Update your outmoded bath area with a digital bidet. You can program this device with a remote control, selecting from a number of available settings. Set your preferred water temperature, the width of the spray and the water pressure too. These units include air drying and deodorizing features.

You have heard of aromatherapy; now, discover chromatherapy, a new bathing experience that utilizes therapeutic shades of light. Chromatherapy soaking tubs offer you choices of a full color spectrum that facilitate relaxation, energy, and calm.

Have your plumber retrofit your existing bathroom faucets with new residential touchless faucets. The latest designs are energy efficient and prevent the spread germs that reside on faucet handles and spouts. Because the touchless faucet automatically shuts off after a set time period, it is an effective water conservation device as well, helping you save on your utility bills.

Don't forget the mood music when dreaming about a new, trend-friendly bathroom. Built-in sound systems are at the cutting edge of contemporary bathroom design. A remotely controlled stereo safely segregated from your bathroom's wet areas and a wireless, Bluetooth-enabled speaker system complete the ultimate spa experience.

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