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If your tank-style water heater is wearing out, it is time to learn about new options in water heaters. Recently developed technologies and innovative tweaks on standard water heaters have made these essential household appliances more economical to run and more effective than ever. If you are in the market for a new water heater, ask your Cherry Hill plumbing contractors for information and advice about hybrid electric heat pump units, condensing gas water heaters and solar water heaters.

A hybrid electric heat pump water heater accesses heat from the surrounding air and uses it to heat water in a storage tank. If the attic or utility room of your home always stays warm, those are the best locations for this type of water heater. However, even in lower temperatures, a hybrid heat pump has the ability to economically heat your water. It includes heating coils that enhance the warmth absorbed from the atmosphere around it and transfer that enhanced heat to your water tank.

This type of appliance has the lowest cost of operation of any non-solar water heater available. It costs more to purchase initially but cuts your water heating bill approximately in half. According to the federal Energy Star organization, that amounts to as much as $300 in annual savings.

A condensing gas water heater conserves the heat from tank exhaust by recycling it through specially designed coils near the cold water intake valve. Upon entry, the water swirls through the warmed coils to absorb this heat. Installation does require a reconfiguration of supply lines and venting if you are replacing a standard gas water heater.

A plumber from Filan & Conner of Cherry Hill NJ would be happy to answer any questions you have about leaky faucets and fixtures or drain issues.

A condensing gas appliance operates with up to 96 percent thermal efficiency, so energy waste is minimal. This newer type of water heater is the most energy-efficient gas-powered tank unit available. Energy Star data confirms that this appliance delivers around $100 per year in energy bill savings over a standard gas unit.

Solar water heaters come in various styles with the common theme of transferring the sun's heat to your household water supply. Collector-type solar water heaters use direct sunlight to warm water in a storage tank for later use. Flat-plate collectors feature copper tubes within flat, heat absorbing plates. These rest within insulated boxes that are covered with glass. Each standard plate holds 40 gallons of water, with two plates warming enough water to meet half the needs of a household of four. Evacuated tube collectors, the most energy-efficient type, feature tubes that contain water or a liquid, heat-transfer medium within a larger glass casing. Between the tube and the glass, a vacuum safeguards the liquid from heat loss. Delivery systems for solar heated water include passive gravity/convection, direct systems where heated water is stored in an insulated tank and indirect systems that use a heat exchanger. Passive solar water heaters consume no electricity, so they are the most cost-effective.

When selecting a new, energy efficient water heater for your household, find out all of the facts. Compare purchase prices, features, energy use and operating costs to make the best decision for your family's needs.

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