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Gadgets are often the most useful tools for specific purposes; they can also be timesaving devices or techie trends. The following selection of noteworthy plumbing gadgets includes a bit of everything that makes gadgets so popular with do-it-yourselfers and convenience seekers alike.

SharkBite pipefittings make it easier to connect copper, PEX flexible tubing or PVC pipes. SharkBite fittings have toothed, stainless steel rings that bite down on the pipe end. Then, an O-ring collar aligns the pipe properly for a tight, secure connection. Because conventional joinery of copper piping calls for "sweating" the pipes with a soldering tool, it requires specialized equipment that only professionals like your Cherry Hill plumbing contractors have the skills to use. A SharkBite connector makes it possible for the do-it-yourselfer to repair broken connections or replace burst pipes in emergencies. These fittings are expensive in comparison to conventional plumbing connectors but are great gadgets for quick fixes.

High-tech toilets are utilitarian gadgets that give your bathroom decor a luxurious edge. Based on models pioneered by Japanese manufacturers, big names in fixtures like Kohler now offer high-tech toilets. The company's flagship model features a motion-activated seat, an integrated bidet function, panel lighting and music. A charcoal filter provides deodorization and an air dryer keeps you comfortable. Seat and foot warmers wrap up the luxurious experience. Add the facts that this fixture has a sleek profile and saves water, and you get the complete picture of this union of fine form and superb function.

A plumber from Filan & Conner of Cherry Hill NJ would be happy to answer any questions you have about water heater repairs or plumbing pipe repairs.

The Benkatina turbine is a gadget designed to bring hydroelectric generation to small-scale water systems. Its utility extends from power generation within the framework of municipal water systems to your household toilet. This turbine can adjust to lower water flows than the rushing waterfalls of American hydroelectric dams. A completely sealed version of the Benkatina turbine even works in fresh water supply systems. In theory, you could place one of these power generators just inside your water main or in your waste pipe system to generate some wattage while you run your bathwater, wash clothes or flush.

Hands-free gadgets in the bathroom and kitchen make household tasks easier and germ-free. A wall-mounted, touchless toothpaste gadget dispenses a pre-measured amount of your favorite brand of toothpaste directly onto your brush via battery-backed vacuum technology. Hands-free soap dispensers for bath and kitchen use infrared technology to sense your need for a squirt of liquid soap up to 7,000 times on one battery. This keeps your family members from transmitting germs via a bar of soap or a pump-action dispenser. Touchless faucets also use infrared lights and sensors that let the water flow whenever you pass your hand beneath the faucet. Touchless, water-related gadgets are great to have when your hands are dirty and touching anything is sure to make a mess until you have the chance to wash up.

From pipefittings to automatic toothpaste, gadgets provide useful shortcuts that make life easier. Whether you are planning ahead for plumbing emergencies or making a few updates around your home, check into the latest plumbing-related gadgets for trend-friendly utility.

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