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If you are lucky enough to be heading to warmer climes this winter or a fun destination this summer, plan ahead by making some adjustments that will prevent plumbing issues in your absence. It doesn't matter if you will be away for months or a couple of weeks. Any time that you leave your house vacant, take precautions to protect your plumbing.

Enlist the help of your Cherry Hill plumbing experts before you leave home. Just before vacation time is a good opportunity to schedule an annual inspection. Your plumber will check your pipes, valves and appliances for signs of wear and emergent problems. Having any necessary repairs taken care of before you leave the house vacant will give you peace of mind while you are away.

Rather than turning your thermostat down dramatically to save money while you are away, set it at a reasonable level, around 55 degrees Fahrenheit, for instance, that will keep things well above freezing in winter and below the melting point in summer.

Consider shutting off your water main and draining your pipes to prevent freezing during a winter vacation. Be sure that any water sources close to the exterior walls of the home, such as your washing machine supply line or your dishwasher pipes are completely free of standing water. Drain the water heater, and flush all toilets in your home to drain them of water. This may seem drastic, but all you need to do to reverse the process when you arrive home is turn your water main back on, open the faucets until the water flow is up to normal pressure and allow time for your water heater to fill.

A plumber from Filan & Conner of Cherry Hill NJ would be happy to answer any questions you have about plumbing pipe repairs or water heater repairs.

While you normally wouldn't worry about a water leak during the warm weather, homeowners have returned from vacations to flooded houses. When no one is around to stop a plumbing disaster in the making, it cn quickly get out of hand. To be on the safe side, drain your plumbing and turn off the water heater before departing for a summer trip. Add a cup of water to each sink drain so that the traps function correctly during your absence, blocking the entry of fumes from your drainage system.

It is also a good idea to take a walk-through of your home before leaving and locking up to make sure electrical appliances and plumbing are shut off. Pay particular attention to the areas around and behind your refrigerator, water softener, washing machine, dishwasher and plumbing fixtures, checking for wet spots, rust or corrosion. If you see any of these leakage symptoms, check the appliance or fixture to make sure it is disconnected from a water supply and drained of water.

Ask a neighbor or friend to check your home once or twice each week to verify that all is well. Stay in touch by phone or email so that you will be informed of any problems. Make sure to take a list of phone numbers so that you can deal with repairs long-distance. The list should include your plumber's and electrician's contract information.

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