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Just about everyone in the Cherry Hill area knows the following feeling. You go to take a nice hot shower after a hard day, turn on the faucet, and wait and wait for the water to get hot. It's only after a few minutes, and a bit of denial, that you realize you don't have any hot water. A sinking feeling tells you that your hot water heater is broken or malfunctioning. A hot water heater is an appliance that most of us don't think about, but we rely on it on a daily basis. Sometimes the problem is something as simple as a broken heating element or problem with heat traps but other times it's a lack of efficiency that has slowly caused the water heater to break down. Either way, a professional Cherry Hill plumbing and HVAC company can send out a licensed plumber to look at the water heater and let you know what's wrong.

An unexpected appliance breakdown is always frustrating. Not only is it an inconvenience, but many people don't readily have the money budgeted to replace a large appliance. There are a few ways to tell if your water heater just needs to be repaired, or if you're better off having it replaced. A plumber will look at both the outside and inside of the heater to determine what's wrong. If it's just a heating element, they can easily replace it and your hot water heater will operate properly. But sometimes sediment has built up inside the heater, slowly causing it to operate at low efficiency.

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There may also be corrosion or other damage that makes replacement a more viable option than repair.

The first aspect you need to consider when your water heater breaks is its age. If it's a brand new water heater, there's probably something minor wrong with it that a plumber can easily repair. It may even still be under warranty with the company you purchased it from. If the repair is major on a newer water heater, you will need to consider the cost and the severity of the problem before deciding what to do. A newer model is already energy efficient, so replacing it doesn't cause you to save any more money on your energy bills that you aren't already saving. A plumber can tell you if it's wiser to replace or repair a newer model.

The average life span of a water heater working at maximum efficiency is about ten years. If your water heater is older than that, replacing it may be the better option. If your water heater is a really old model, it may not even be energy efficient, which makes replacing it with an energy efficient model a wise decision that will pay off very quickly when you consider the fact that you'll soon save on your energy bill.

Some homeowners even prefer to switch over to a tankless heater or from electric to gas. If you do choose to replace your water heater, you can upgrade it or switch up the type of heater all together. Before making any repair decisions, it's always best to have a local licensed plumber look at the heater and tell you the outlook on making repairs over replacing it.

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