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Some household plumbing tasks, like keeping drains clear or fixing a leaky faucet, seem fairly simple. However, any time you are working around your home, keeping safety in mind is essential. Safety mistakes can turn a quick fix into an epic repair bill. As a homeowner, be sure to follow the safety tips below, and if you do find yourself in over your head, call your local Cherry Hill plumbing contractor to the rescue.

Wear eye protection when performing any home repair, including plumbing repairs. When working underneath the kitchen sink or in other tight spaces, an unexpected burst of water in your eyes can do some damage. Also, you might drop a wrench or screwdriver from above, so make sure you're wearing safety glasses to deflect any tools from your eye area.

Sometimes you get into a situation when one pair of hands isn't enough, so have a helper nearby to step in as needed. Your assistant can hand you tools or watch for leaks. Most importantly, if you loosen the wrong pipe and water begins to gush, your helper is ready to assist.

Wear gloves to protect your hands. When you're working around water or snaking a greasy drain, tools can slip and cut into your hands. Gloves not only protect your hands from injury, but they also help you get a better grip on your pipe wrench when a stubborn connector refuses to budge. Buy a good pair of close-fitting, flexible work gloves for use during your household repairs.

A plumber from Filan & Conner of Cherry Hill NJ would be happy to answer any questions you have about drain issues or leaky faucets and fixtures.

Stay calm should an accident happen. Know where your main water shutoff is located in case of emergency. Have your plumber's number near the phone in case you need to call for help. Try to think logically and act decisively to resolve the crisis.

Before beginning a specialized repair, be sure to have the appropriate tools for the job. You run the risk of damaging plumbing fixtures or pipes if you do not have the right tools on hand.

Water and electricity don't mix. If your repair requires the use of a power tool, take precautions to stay dry. For example, cut your piping to size in your workroom rather than beside the plumbing leak you intend to fix. The extra time you take to complete your task safely is well worth it.

Don't put your tools in your pocket while working. Pointed ends and sharp edges can cause injuries as you stoop and bend to reach around pipes. Instead, wear a tool belt so you can keep everything organized safely.

Wear a particle mask whenever working around toxic or loose materials that could damage your respiratory system. Cutting PVC pipe or working in insulated areas of your home can fill the air around you with chemical particulates. Wearing nose and mouth protection keeps these substances out of your lungs.

If you like to take care of manageable repairs around your household, work safely and wisely. For repairs that require specialized tools or a higher level of expertise than you possess, trust a reputable plumber to keep your pipes in good working order.

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