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No matter the source of the drinking water that you and your family rely upon to meet your daily needs, you can take measures to protect that source. Pay attention to your water usage to ensure that the source remains plentiful. Maintain your supply lines and indoor plumbing system to prevent contamination of your water. Your Cherry Hill plumbing consultant can help.

Drinking water, also called potable water, is subject to strict standards that ensure it is safe for human consumption. Even though your family consumes only a small percentage of your household's total potable water usage, it nevertheless must comply with those regulations designed to protect human health. You and your family can contribute by taking steps to avoid contamination of your water source.

If your home uses water from a well or an aquifer, you should take precautions when disposing of toxic liquids. Getting rid of poisonous substances such as gasoline, turpentine or kerosene by pouring them onto the ground can affect your water source. Ground water feeds your well or your community's aquifer, and whatever you add to your groundwater has the potential to taint your water source, especially if all of your neighbors are also disposing of toxic chemicals in the same manner. Instead of pouring poisons into the earth, take them to the appropriate area at your local waste disposal site.

In urban locations, all water does not soak into the ground but becomes runoff on paved surfaces.

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Runoff collects pollutants and toxins as it works it way into the storm drain systems in populated areas. The flow of water sweeps substances like oil, pesticides and organic waste into natural waterways and drainage canals, potentially contaminating the area's supply of potable water.

As an urban homeowner, you can work to minimize toxic runoff. Replace paved areas around your property with gravel beds or plants to promote drainage. When your driveway and walkways become dusty, use a broom rather than a hose to clean them off. Remove pet waste and dispose of it properly. Curtail your use of landscaping fertilizers and pesticides to eliminate chemical leaching.

Commercial activities like fracking and mining can compromise individual and community water sources. If such activities are ongoing in your area, ask your plumber about water testing. The use of chemicals in commercial processes may contaminate your family's water source. Being proactive about water testing is critical under such conditions. Shared community wells or aquifers are also at risk from many commercial practices, and frequent water testing can reveal early contamination problems.

If you are a rural homeowner, you can help protect your water source by keeping livestock away from natural streams or rivers, where their waste lowers water quality. Also be aware of how you site your barns and buildings to prevent gravity drainage of waste products into natural waterways.

By recognizing that water is a valuable resource, you can join with members of your community to preserve it for the benefit of all. You can help raise awareness of those measures that each individual can take to keep fresh water sources safe from pollutants and contamination.

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