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You use the faucets in your home several times a day. So often, in fact, that you probably don't even spare them a second glance. However, you can give your bathroom or kitchen a mini-remodeling update by having your plumber replace your old, dowdy faucets with the latest designs. For best results, call your Cherry Hill plumbing specialists to perform this virtually instant, wonderfully uplifting fix.

One popular item for the trendiest kitchen remodels is a high tech faucet of minimalist design. Sleek, basic lines and traditional stainless steel or chrome finishes characterize this style. Utilitarian rather than decorative handles and a clean curve along the spout make this type of ultra-trendy faucet a natural choice for your kitchen update.

A slight variation on the minimalist theme, the industrial-chic or professional style is another hot trend in kitchen faucets. These units feature a tall profile 24 inches or more in height and hard-working utility. As with most contemporary kitchen faucets, the nozzle pulls out of the spout for power-washing performance in a single sink or a commercial-style triad of sinks. If you have other commercial-type appliances in your kitchen, the industrial-chic faucet makes a dynamic addition.

The architectural kitchen faucet is yet another incarnation of the contemporary minimalist influence in kitchen designs. Right angles, square or rectangular piping, and an ultra-slender, flat handle control are the typical components of this striking style.

Touchless units are at the leading edge of contemporary kitchen and bath remodels. They automatically turn themselves on and off, dispensing with the need for handles. This contains the spread of germs or food-borne bacteria that might nest in frequently touched faucet components.

A plumber from Filan & Conner of Cherry Hill NJ would be happy to answer any questions you have about leaky faucets and fixtures or drain issues.

Many ultra-modern, touchless faucet profiles incorporate toggles for adjusting spray configurations and angles.

In the bathroom, the form-follows-function trend is on tap. Faucet designs that mirror the arc of water from a fountain, open-spout faucets that deliver a waterfall-like flow and arced glass faucets that enhance the translucence of water are spouting off in the most contemporary bathroom settings.

Another popular trend is the bathroom faucet that depicts a natural motifs. One manufacturer has a pineapple line of faucets, while others features pipes decorated to look like bamboo or reeds. This trend blends nicely with a natural color scheme and other natural materials.

Avant-garde faucet designs can really spin your bath or kitchen décor in a new direction, but the space must be able to support a striking departure from tradition. A bathroom faucet curved to reflect a modern art sculpture or a geometric faucet with a joystick handle tend to instantly draw the eye and lay claim to the user's attention unless balanced with similar objets d'art.

Your plumbing contractor can offer suggestions and brochures on the latest trends in kitchen and bathroom faucets and fixtures. With just an hour of your plumber's time and a single faucet purchase, you can refresh the look of your bath or kitchen. Adding a few inexpensive but expressive touches, such as new wall art or linens, and you can enjoy the feel of a whole room renovation at a fraction of the cost.

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