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To keep your drinking water flowing clean and pure, get into a regular maintenance routine. Water filters that are clogged with sediment are unable to do their jobs. In some cases, they may actually degrade the quality of the water you drink. Therefore, follow the manufacturer's recommendations for your particular filtering device and go the extra mile, when necessary, for the health of your family.

You should have your water tested on an annual basis to see how well your filter is performing, and if it no longer cleans out impurities as well as it used to, consider replacing it with a more effective model. At the same time, schedule time with your Cherry Hill plumbing professionals for an annual maintenance call. By combining the two tasks, you will be sure to give your household water system the attention it needs to keep working as it should.

If you have a cation exchange water softener that removes dissolved minerals from your household water, it must periodically recharge by flushing its resin bed with brine. This dislodges the calcium and magnesium ions that have collected on the resin beads and flushes them into your waste water system. Recharging allows the flushed resin bed to work more effectively and keep these dissolved minerals away from your plumbing pipes and water heater.

The frequency of recharging depends upon the mineral content of your untreated water, the volume that your family uses and the capacity of the water softener itself. The majority of newer units automatically recharge, usually around once per week, but you should check the system periodically to ensure it is working as it should.

A plumber from Filan & Conner of Cherry Hill NJ would be happy to answer any questions you have about water heater repairs or leaky faucets and fixtures.

Consult the manufacturer if you suspect that making some adjustments would enhance the efficiency of your water softening system.

Maintaining your point-of-use activated carbon water filters requires more direct action. You should make a habit of checking each of your water filter units a minimum of once per month to determine whether the filter cartridges need changing. If the manufacturer's recommended usage period has elapsed or if the water emerging from the filter is dirty, change the cartridge. This type of filtration system relies on the carbon filter to trap chlorine and other chemicals that adversely affect the flavor or purity of your drinking water.

The filters will eventually become saturated with collected deposits and will consequently be unable to hold any more. Unless you change the filter promptly, a super-saturated cartridge can release unhealthy particles into the water as it passes through the filter, making your drinking water worse than untreated tap water.

Be sure to clean your water filter. It seems counterintuitive, but appliances that use water get dirty. Sediment, water mold and algae interfere with healthful water delivery, so maintain your entire filter regularly using the cleaner and tools the manufacturer suggests.

Your home water filter needs some attention to work effectively. Changing filters as necessary is one important part of the equation. Factor in regularly scheduled maintenance and periodic cleaning, and the result is better health for the members of your household.

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