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You would never know it from your own plentiful supply of household water, but lack of access to fresh water and widespread water shortages are becoming serious issues in countries throughout the world. Even those in countries like the U.S. where water shortages are confined to just a few states like California and Arizona, people can limit water consumption for the benefit of the worldwide supply. Cutting down on consumption, installing water saving fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom, and preventing plumbing leaks that waste water are simple measures that could improve the outlook for others. Talk to your Cherry Hill plumbing experts for more ideas on conserving water in your home.

Water shortages adversely affect human health. According to international sources, almost one billion people in the world do not have access to fresh, safe drinking water, most of them in developing countries. In regions where water is considered an economic scarcity, those with financial resources have access to water, while those with few resources do not. In other areas, the supply of water is insufficient in itself, constituting a resource scarcity. Both of these scarcities bring additional demands on existing water resources and deplete them further.

Disruptive weather resulting from climate change are also affecting world water resources. Agriculture, industry and overpopulation further threaten supplies. When lack of rainfall creates droughts in agrarian regions, the world's food supply suffers. The water levels in natural waterways go down, and fish and vegetation die.

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In regions where people have no access to fresh water, diseases gain a stronghold. More than half of the individuals in hospitals worldwide are ill with water-related maladies. Malaria, hepatitis A and B, meningitis and West Nile fever are some of the water-related diseases that threaten people's lives where clean drinking water is unavailable. Parasites like lice and hookworm are also common in water-distressed areas.

Water shortages lead to political conflicts as well. In the Middle East, fresh water shortages spark armed skirmishes in villages along the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, once among the most fertile area on earth. In Africa, tribal conflicts over the control of some of the Nile River rage.

Because the world supply of water remains at a constant level, more equitable distribution of fresh water resources is one solution. Better conservation and restoration of fresh, potable water is another necessary step to solving water scarcity.

Even where water is abundant, individuals can make a contribution by conserving water, refraining from polluting and adopting environmentally friendly water use practices. On a commercial level, changes in the way industries grow and distribute food crops will conserve and maintain a more plentiful fresh water supply. Using less pesticides and chemical fertilizers will keep water cleaner.

With more than 80 percent of the global population affected by water scarcity, those in the remaining 20 percent need only take a few simple steps each day to curb their consumption. Fixing toilet leaks, running the dishwasher only when full and reusing grey water to irrigate lawns are all positive measures that will trickle down to benefit the world's water supply.

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