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Are you tired of your current bathroom setup? Is it too small or not efficient enough for your family? Is it a style of days gone by? Have you been scouring home remodeling magazines and websites trying to find your dream bathroom? If so, then a bathroom remodel can give you everything you've ever wanted from your bathroom.

If you're not worried about turning your bathroom over to a group of South Jersey plumbers for a few days or weeks, you can get work started on your bathroom in just a few days. But before the guys with the sledgehammers and other big tools start ripping out tiles, sinks, tubs, and toilets, you need to know what you want the finished product to look like. Read on for some tips for getting the bathroom of your dreams.

Start by deciding on the number of sinks you want. Dual sinks are a great option because they allow two people to get ready at the same time without any inconvenience. The counter space usually sits right in the middle, and it's often large enough to accommodate a number of products. You can choose to have one large mirror that spans the length of the sink, or have two medium-sized mirrors hung individually over each sink. Your countertops can be a number of materials, such as granite, marble, or laminate.

One of the biggest decisions in a bathroom remodel is the tub. A great way to update the bathroom without considerable work and expense is to have a wall surround put in.

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But if you want to upgrade to a spa-like bathtub, talk to your plumbing contractors about which type of tub will fit well in the current space. If you want an elaborate bathing area, considering adding one or two steps that lead up to the tub and have a window put in above it, if possible. You can also choose to separate the bathing areas and have a separate shower area. This gives you two bathing areas, and reduces inconvenience when two people need to bathe at the same time.

Finally, you should decide where you want the toilet. Traditionally, bathroom designers created bathrooms in a single wall layout. This means that one wall contains all of the plumbing fixtures. While it's a cheaper layout, it gives you less choice during a remodel. With all of the plumbing in one wall, your toilet, sink, and bathtub are technically in a line. When you put plumbing in more than one wall, you can separate the toilet from the sink and bathing area, giving you more space.

Once you have the general layout of your bathroom down, talk to your plumbing contractor about supplies and materials. Many people find that neutral warm colors give the bathroom and elegant and relaxing feel. You may want darker tile or granite floors combined with lighter countertops

Regardless of the type of remodel you're interested in, remember to choose fixtures that complement your colors and look good with the style of sink and shower or bathtub. Make sure to show the contractor any pictures you have or ideas that you've gotten from websites or television programs and see if they can accommodate you. By working closely with the designer and contractor and having a vision before any work starts, you can easily design the bathroom of your dreams.

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