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Although your home's plumbing may be the least of your worries as long as it works correctly, unaddressed problems can quickly become expensive headaches. By learning about some of the most common residential plumbing concerns, you can identify the need for repairs and avoid unnecessary emergency bills. At the first sign of an emergent plumbing difficulty, call your South Jersey plumbers for assistance.

A leaking faucet is probably the most common household plumbing malfunction. According to the USGS Water Science School, one leaking faucet dripping 10 times per minute wastes approximately 347 gallons of water per year. You pay for the wasted water. Instead, make sure that you have your leaking faucets repaired as soon as you detect a problem. In many cases, this is a simple repair requiring inexpensive parts, so it is well worth it.

Water seepage around the base of the faucet or handles can waste an even greater quantity of water. Unlike a dripping faucet, seepage may not attract your notice at first because it is silent. Before the problem begins to damage your floor or fixtures, call your plumber for repairs. Fixing the problem may only involve a tightening of the pipes or it may require replacement of the seals or gaskets.

A silent toilet leak can go unnoticed for a long time, wasting water on a continuous basis. Already one of your biggest household water consumers, a toilet that leaks is a liability.

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The flush valve flapper, that component that rests on the bottom of the tank, preventing water transfer between flushes, eventually deteriorates and lets water escape. Problems with the unit's fill valve are another common cause of water leakage. If the floating ball cock is broken or set too high, it does not shut off water flow effectively. Your plumber can test your toilet for silent leaks and offer solutions.

A plugged toilet is among a homeowner's most dreaded plumbing problems and is not at all uncommon. Sometimes having a plunger at hand to loosen the clog is all you need to do. For persistent or serial clogs, however, call a plumber for a more effective fix.

When your shower stops draining or begins draining more slowly, you have another common plumbing concern on your hands. Hair is the number one culprit in clogged shower and tub drains. If you vigilantly clear your drains after each usage, you can avoid this problem altogether. However, ongoing clogging can be caused by more deep-seated problems, such as tree roots constricting waste pipes outside your home.

Sewer odor entering your home is another plumbing problem that is perhaps not as common as clogs or leaks. A dry drain trap or a worn wax seal beneath the toilet may cause it. In some cases, it can be indicative of major problems with your septic system or your sewer connection.

Because common plumbing problems can damage your home, don't hesitate to call for help as soon as you notice a malfunction. By taking care of your plumbing, you can avoid costly emergencies.

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