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Misinformation and carelessness may both cause many common mistakes that lead to costly home repairs. By being aware of some plumbing "don'ts" and taking care to use your household pipes and appliances wisely, you can avoid doing unnecessary damage to your plumbing. If a problem does arise, whether due to mechanical or human error, be sure to contact your South Jersey plumbers for immediate assessment and repairs.

Most homeowners know that they should winterize their outdoor faucets before sub-freezing temperatures set in. You must remove all hoses from outdoor water spigots and turn off the water line that supplies exterior faucets. If you neglect to remove a hose from a faucet, lingering water at the faucet may freeze and damage the fixture, requiring replacement to eliminate water leakage.

You also know that pouring cooking grease down the sink drain causes clogging. However, many residents do just that, following it up with a jet of hot water to send the grease on its way. What actually occurs is that the grease pools and hardens somewhere in the plumbing line, whether in the trap directly below the drain or further on. A stubborn clog requires the skills of a plumber.

Pouring other products down the drain is similarly unwise, even if a garbage disposal is in place. Edibles like vegetable peels, flour and rice create clogging. Trying to fix the clog by pouring too much commercial drain cleaner into the sink is another common yet avoidable mistake.

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Drain cleaner contains corrosive chemicals that work fine when used rarely and according to directions. Too much of the product damages your drain and the pipes beneath, however, requiring new pipes and the services of a plumber.

Speaking of improper disposal, the toilet is another target of abuse. You know on a conscious level that flushing anything down the toilet other than the substances it was made to flush is liable to clog it. Garbage in your home's waste water system can cause a whole-house stoppage that quickly becomes a crisis. Err on the side of caution, and if you wonder whether something is flushable, dispose of it in a more proper receptacle.

One less obvious but equally disastrous error that do-it-yourselfers make is damaging concealed plumbing pipes in the course of a home improvement project. Cutting blindly into a wall with a reciprocal saw could damage more than just the wallboard. If you breach a pipe that is hidden in your home's walls or subfloor, the ensuing water damage alone calls for costly repairs. Make sure you investigate what is concealed within the area you plan to renovate so that you can avoid damaging your home's infrastructure.

Think twice before making mistakes that can harm your plumbing system. Not only will you be facing a repair bill but you will also be creating problems that can damage other areas of your home. Instead, make a point of winterizing properly, disposing of grease and household waste products in a responsible fashion, and practicing caution when using chemicals or power tools near water pipes.

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