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You load your dishwasher and push the start button only to have water start pooling around the bottom of the machine and all over your floor. If you didn't hit the start button before you left for the day then you might be able to stop it and try to figure out what's wrong. In any other case, you'll come home to a wet kitchen. Dishwasher leaks aren't all that uncommon. Many can be attributed to older machines that need to be replaced, but some newer machines leak, too. In fact, many installers now give a window of two to three days after installing a new dishwasher for homeowners to call them if something starts to leak after installation.

Dishwasher leaks or clogs are a common job call for South Jersey plumbers. That's because some NJ homeowners may be able to troubleshoot what's wrong with the appliance, but fixing it is another story. A dishwasher drainage pipe connects to the main water supply line for the house. When there's a problem with the dishwasher tailpiece, a leak, or drainage problem, it's sometimes the main water supply lines rather than a problem with the dishwasher. Only an experienced plumber should attempt to diagnose this type of problem and begin to work to correctly and safely fix it.

If you notice leakage coming from you dishwasher, the first thing you should do is carefully disconnect the power to the machine.

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If the leak can be attributed to the dishwasher itself, you may have a worn tub seal below the drain impeller. If that's not the problem, the seal along the dishwasher's door may be worn, causing water to leak from the sides. Worn seals are a simple problem and are easily replaced.

Water pouring from the bottom of the dishwasher near the lower access panel could be leakage from the dishwasher's tubing. You can remove the access panel and see if you spot any tubes dripping or leaking. While you could attempt to replace or clamp this yourself, you may need the experience of a professional to ensure you don't damage the tubes further.

You should contact a plumber if you suspect that the leak stems from the water inlet valve that leads from the home's main water supply to the dishwasher. In this situation, you could have a leaky supply line that causes there to be minor leakage, even after the machine runs its cycle. The other scenario is that the water inlet valve gets stuck open, which allows water to continuously run into the dishwasher. When the dishwasher fills to capacity, you get leakage into your home.

While it's sometimes easy for homeowners to troubleshoot where a leakage problem exists with their dishwasher, it's not always an easy repair. You should rely on a professional plumber to help you diagnose exactly what's wrong, especially if you've never dealt with a dishwasher leak before. If you call the dishwasher repair company, make sure they send you someone with plumbing expertise. If outside warranty period, many people prefer to call their local and trusted plumber instead.

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