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Of all the plumbing problems threatening your household, you may dread a toilet overflow the most. Unfortunately, it is a fairly common incidence in most households. Your toilet is an indispensible fixture that gets lots of daily use, and sometimes a clog causes water to back up in the bowl and overflow onto the floor. Your best defense against this toilet problem is to have the tools at hand and strategies in mind for quickly vanquishing the stoppage. For stubborn clogs, water leaks or toilet replacement, be sure to enlist the help of your South Jersey plumbers.

Upon flushing, if the water in the toilet bowl continues rising instead of receding down the drain, take immediate evasive action. Decide in advance on one of two possible solutions. Either reach down near the toilet and shut off the water valve, or remove the toilet tank lid, dunk your hand down to the bottom of the tank and manually close the flapper to prevent further passage of water into the bowl. Speedy, decisive action is the key to prevent an overflow.

If you have not already turned the shut-off valve, do so now. Don a pair of rubber gloves and protect your flooring with towels, just in case. If the water has receded in the toilet bowl, try this next step. If not, skip to the following one.

Put a gallon of very hot water into a pourable vessel, such as a bucket or pitcher, and add two squirts of liquid dishwashing detergent. Pour it all at once into the toilet bowl, holding the bucket at waist-level to boost the pressure of your pouring action.

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Allow it to sit for a few minutes to see whether it dissolves the clog.

If the toilet is still stopped up, get to work with a flange-type plunger designed especially for toilets. Place it on the bottom of the toilet bowl with the lip of the plunger covering the drain hole. Pump the plunger a few times to build up suction. Continue plunging until you hear a sucking noise and the water drains out of the bowl.

Turn the water shut-off lever back to the "on" position. Try flushing the toilet. If the water in the bowl again begins to rise, close the flapper and turn off the water supply, because your toilet is still clogged.

Next, try using a plumber's auger or sewer snake. Feed the corkscrew end of the flexible auger cable into the toilet drain until it stops. Move the handle of the tool to catch hold of the debris. Manipulate the handle to dislodge the clog. If you hear suction and see the water in the bowl drain, remove the auger and set it on a piece of newspaper. Turn the water valve on and flush.

If the toilet still does not drain properly, call in your plumber. The clog may be located deeper in the waste pipe than you can reach, or it may require additional repair measures. Your plumber has the professional tools and expertise to clear it effectively.

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