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As a homeowner, you are the first to notice when an issue arises with any of your household systems. Prepare yourself to address these issues by having the appropriate tools at hand. When it comes to plumbing, several items make maintenance and quick fixes easier. When a more demanding problem comes up, don't hesitate to contact your South Jersey plumbers for expert evaluation and repairs.

An adjustable pipe wrench comes in handy when a pipe junction or elbow begins to drip. Designed for use with iron pipes and fittings, this tool will serve you well if your home has iron waste pipes. The toothed jaws of the wrench are designed to tighten onto the pipe to allow a good grip for loosening or tightening a joint. These wrenches come in different handle sizes ranging from 10 to 48 inches. They are made of cast steel.

A set of crescent wrenches in sizes large enough to grip hex collars on pipes or an appropriately sized all-purpose adjustable wrench will work well on threaded PVC, steel or copper pipes. Tongue-and-groove, or slip-joint, pliers adjust to grip different sized pipes without separating the handles, so they promote one-handed utility. You can use a set of slip-joint pliers to hold one section secure while loosening an adjacent section.

You should have screwdrivers in your plumber's toolkit for faucet repairs. When you replace a damaged washer in a faucet handle, you must remove a setscrew to access the spindle-and-washer assembly.

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If you need to adjust a clamp holding a pipe in place or work on a valve, you'll need a screwdriver.

Have a plunger at the ready near each of the toilets in your home for quick action in case of clogs. Even if you have no other plumbing-related tools, a plunger is essential to any home. Flange-type plungers provide a better seal and are the most effective on toilet clogs. It is a good idea to keep a separate plunger for use in sinks, tub and shower drains.

Your plumber's toolkit should be equipped with an auger, also called a snake. You feed the flexible cable from the auger into your clogged tub, toilet or sink drain and then turn the corkscrew end of the cable with a handle to loosen the clog. Flat tape-style augers can clear pipes up to two inches in diameter and range in length from 10 to 25 feet.

Your toolbox should include a flashlight, safety glasses, rubber or disposable gloves, duct tape, plumbers' putty and a selection of new rubber replacement washers sized to fit your faucets. Depending on your skill level and household needs, you may also want to add pipe clamps, rubber gasket material, replacement wax rings for your home's toilets, PVC pipe cutters, PVC primer and adhesive, a small utility saw and fine sandpaper.

With a well-equipped toolkit, you will be better able to keep your plumbing maintained and in good working order. Schedule regular, professional checkups so that your plumber can evaluate the condition of your system and recommend repairs or updates that require professional attention.

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