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Your trailer, or "fifth wheel," is your home-away-from-home when you are out on the road. As such, it requires regular maintenance of all its systems to continue to serve you well. Establish plumbing maintenance routines to keep your RV water supply and disposal pipes, pump and fixtures in top condition. When a problem arises, call your South Jersey plumbers for quick and effective repairs.

Before setting out on an RV adventure, inspect your plumbing lines and fittings. Look for loose connections in your water supply pipes where water may be leaking and tighten them if possible. Look over your water heater for signs of soot, which indicate incomplete combustion. Remove the unit's vent screen and clean it thoroughly. Also, go over your waste pipe system to ensure that all the parts are in good repair and well sealed.

Set a monthly maintenance schedule for taking care of routine tasks. You should sanitize your fresh water supply and flush out your waste tank once per month, even during periods of light use. Sanitizing involves draining the tank until it is half full and then adding one ounce of household bleach per eight gallons of fresh water remaining. Refill the tank until it is full and then disconnect the fresh water supply line. Pump out the contents of the tank by opening every water faucet in your RV. Refill with fresh water and repeat if you can still smell the bleach in the water. Change any internal or external water filters.

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Check your water heater and pilot light, if you have one, at the same time and clean or adjust as necessary. If your RV will be sitting idle for more than a six-month stretch, flush out your water heater to make sure it does not sustain water damage.

Once per year, you should replace the anode rod in your RV water heater. This device protects the interior of your appliance from corrosion by attracting and bonding with corrosive elements. Anode rods can be made of a combination of metals, including aluminum, zinc, tin or magnesium. The frequency with which you need to replace this element depends upon the type and capacity of the water heater in your RV. Water temperature settings and the quality of the water itself also have a bearing on anode rod replacement. If you don't replace yours more often, be sure to do so on an annual basis to prolong the life of your appliance.

Before locking up your RV for the season, winterize your plumbing. Drain the water from the supply side and add an RV antifreeze product designed for potable water pipes. Make sure your water heater and waste pipes are drained.

Make it a habit to check over your pipes regularly whether or not you suspect a problem. Should you detect a leak, call your plumber to make permanent repairs. Check your water pump filter and connections regularly and clean or adjust them as needed.

You and your family depend on your RV plumbing to make vacations convenient and comfortable. With regular maintenance, winterization and inspections, your plumbing system will deliver years of trouble-free service.

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